Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Well, I think it's about time for another blog post. :) I guess I just haven't had enough adventures lately to post about! Today was really busy for me, I went on a feed run to Stillwater and also picked up some supplies for our chicks that we'll be getting pretty soon. Got home around lunch and the I spent quite a while working on the construction page of the website as it's been quite neglected lately. After that was violin lessons with a little girl from church, and then Dad and I went to Edmond to get a new phone for Dad, and we were going to buy a coffee pot as ours is kind of worn out. It gets used like TONS. But the one we were going to get ended up being to tall to fit in our coffee station, (it was an industrial one) so we'll have to keep looking a different one.

Most likely I'll have some stories to tell here pretty soon, we're planning on buying a bull soon at the Express Ranches Bull sale. It should be a lot of fun, it's a pretty major sale, they are selling like 500 bulls! Hopefully we'll be able to keep the thing in our fences....I'm a bit worried that he's gonna be breaking in on my goats or something. :D Elijah just put up a new fence in the pasture the bull will be staying in though....so hopefully there won't be any problems.

So what is this stuff in my hand??

Well, we had a small pond out in the pasture that Elijah dug a while back, and he decided to make it bigger the other day when he had a bobcat rented. Well when he broke the dam letting the water into the new area it uncovered HUNDREDS of tadpoles! They were like everywhere! Hosie got a few of them and they lived in our room for a few days in a jar....you should have seen the look on Mom's face when she saw them sitting on our dresser!! :D

Here's a "grown" version, not quite as gross. :)

"Gauger" the mom to the two kids I lost is slowly recovering, I was really worried I was going to lose her too, but she seems to be coming around. She's still not 100% but she's improving every day so I'm very grateful for that! The next one "Reba" is due in just 12 days...I can't wait! Got all my kidding supplies in early this week, so I'm ready for babies now. :)

Well this is kind of random...maybe I'll have some "bull adventures" to post soon. Don't worry we won't be riding him though. :D


Eliya said...

Your dogs are beautiful! Sounds like you've been pretty busy - I'll pass on the tadpoles though! The adult frog looks much prettier. Hope all goes well with the bull, we'll be watching to hear of any adventures with him. I'm glad Gauger is doing better. My first doe is due in 9 days so I can relate to your excitement - I can't wait either!

Hannah said...

I like your random posts, Besh. ;) I think tadpoles would be fun! :)

Whew, bull adventures? Ya'll already have enough COW adventures! :P

Emma and Mommy said...

I love the pics of the dogs, they are such beautiful creatures! I think the tadpoles would be neat to keep, I just don't like grown up frogs, they creep me out, they are only one a few animals that do and I am not even sure why.

I have been thinking alot about the upcoming kids, and I can't believe Reba is getting so close. She has always been one of my favorites to here about. I hope all goes well with her. Glad Gauger is doing better, her story made me feel sad, I understand nature just works that way sometimes but poor thing losing her babies.

Have a blessed rest of your week, can't wait to here more updates and see pics of all the upcoming kids.


Melinda said...

Hey, I liked that post! It really wasn't that random. I enjoyed the pictures of the dogs, cute! :) that on the left looks REALLY familiar! ;)

fun, bull adventures! I wonder if they will be anything like ram adventures!? :)