Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Yesterday was a busy day for me, I knew Sassy was getting close as she was 1 day over her due date and her udder was filling pretty steadily. However she wasn't having any contractions or anything that morning. I was busy out in the pasture picking up sticks and rocks from when we did a bunch of bull dozing. Elijah is disking up a pretty big area to seed with Bermuda grass so we were just cleaning the area up. Around 11:30 Mom called me back down to the house to fix lunch, on my way I stopped in to take a quick peek at Sassy and she was standing in the barn, making some soft noises and then when I looked closer I realized she had a small string of goo, and then she had a pretty hard contraction!! I dashed down to the house and grabbed some towels and did a few other preps and then back out to the barn and she was pushing! LOL she does this to me everytime I think, catches me pretty unprepared. :) About 5 minutes later we had a beautiful little girl, I handed her off to Hosie and then just minutes later another girl was born. I was happy! They're my Lakeshore bucks first kids, just out of one of my grade does, but they're sure looking nice!!

So now it's back to milking and bottle feeding for me. :) I've had a good long break and it's great to milk again. I got up at 3:00 last night to feed the girls, not so fun getting up at night but I just do night feedings for a couple of days so it's not too bad.

Aren't they cute?? :)


Danielle said...

Oh my goodness! They are adorable!!! SOOOO cute! I think they are probably cute that Levi, our baby goat! :D Besh, you look SOOO gorgeous in that picture too! WOW... (honking) :D Soo pretty! :)

So glad you are back to milking now....!! :)

Love ya,

Eliya said...

Beautiful babies Besh! They are adorable - you have to love those long ears. ;-)


CGNarnia said...

Tooo cuuute!!! I am so happy for you.


Leslie Shepherd said...

hee hee! LOVE THEM! :D

Petie said...

OH, they are sooo cute, Besh! Congratulations!

Love ya,

Heather from Ontario Canada said...

What an adorable set of twins you have there. It looks like the one is taking a little nibble from your neck :) Do you bottle feed the babies so you can milk the mother goat or are you just supplementing?

Anonymous said...

I really like their ears and lovely eyes! They are so cute, it must be wonderful to have so many "pets" =P They are lovely.