Monday, April 21, 2008

Adventures in Ada

Wow, I've had quite the weekend. Friday morning started out with me rushing through my goat chores and then going to Stillwater which is about 35 minutes away (usually) to pick up some last minute stuff I needed for the show. I made it there and back in an hour and a half, and I also had to stop at Walmart. :) Made it back in time to get my clothes ironed and packed, (we spent the night at the Burnett's home) and get all my goat stuff together. Dad and the guys got back from work at about 12:30 and we were able to head out by 1:15 or so, I was in a hurry because I knew I was going to have ALOT to do once we got there. We stopped by the Burnett's house on the way to drop Caleb and Daniel off, because they were going to a film meeting in Dallas with John-Clay. Carinna came along with us and we made it to there at about 4:30. We got started right away getting the goats washed, Elijah washed them for me and I blow dried, we were trying to get them all washed first and then do the clipping. By 7:30 we had all 6 of them washed and went out to the "Prairie Kitchen" to get something to eat. We had went there last fall and really liked it, but this time I got a Hamburger and it wasn't good AT ALL. Tasted like it was burned. Oh well, least it was something to eat!! So we got back at about 8:00 and I put one of my doe kids on the grooming stand. She was not behaving well at all and kept getting her ear pinched, so she was really freaking out. Finally I thought I got her settled and was about to start clipping, all of a sudden she started throwing her self around, and fell off the grooming stand! I was about to pick her up and put her back on when I realized she had blood running down her face from one of her horns. Oh no!! Her horn was pretty much broken off, and just barely hanging there and it was bleeding like crazy. Now wouldn't you know that this morning when I was packing some medical supplies to bring along I picked up my blood stop powder trying to decide if I should bring it, but I didn't because I was like why in the world would I need blood stop powder?? From now on it goes in the medical box to the shows!! So I took of running and asking people if they had any and finally was able to locate some. I packed it on there and Dad was sitting on the floor holding her in his lap. It just kept coming though and I just had to keep packing the blood stop powder on. I decided to call my vet and see what he thought I should do, so thankfully I was able to talk to him, and he said I should go ahead and pull the rest of that horn off. I was having a hard enough time already and I just couldn't bring myself to do that, so my brother Elijah stepped in and did it for me. Once that was off it was easier to put pressure right on it, and after a few more minutes we were finally able to get it stopped. Oh my, it scared me SO bad though, I thought she was going to bleed to death there was so much blood. So I still had to go ahead and get the other 2 doe kids clipped, this time being extremly careful how I hooked the chain around their heads. I decided just to clip my buck kid Saturday morning since the bucks show last. we were able to get things wrapped up and head back to the Burnett's house by about 9:30, and my little kid was resting nicely.

Now our evening with the Burnett's was a story in itself!! :D Huh Abbie?? I was really tired, but once I got there and was able to get over that kid breaking her horn and get a cup of coffee, things started getting wild. :) Lots of fun though, we had tickle fights and pillows were flying hard!! :) Put Abbie and I together, and what do you get? Lots of fun and craziness!! :D We settled down finally and then Hannah and I talked in bed till about 2:30 a.m. I had so much fun though!!

Charity came with us early to the show on Saturday, and the rest of my family and more of the Burnett's got there at about 9:30. The show didn't start out too well for us, with my 3 doe kids not placing at all, as well as my 12 month old doe. So I was hanging all my hopes on my last little buck kid "Pendragon." Finally his turn came, and he acted like he had been shown all his life!! I was so proud of him, he led so well and held his head up so high, and when the judge was looking at him from the front he looked right up at his face like "look at me." I was begining to wonder though, because the judge picked the 4 very biggest buck kids in the class and then just kept going up and down looking over all the rest of us. Finally he came up to me, checked his bite and pointed me over to his "keepers," and then sent the rest out. WOW talk about close!! :) So Pendragon placed 5th, at only 6 weeks old next to those whopping almost 3 month olds. I was very happy!! The judge had some nice things to say about him as well.

We packed up and Elijah Anna and I were going to stay at the Burnett's house and wait for Caleb and Daniel to get back from Dallas later that evening and then go on home. But it ended up that they were going to be really late so we just went on home at about 6:00. We had a nice afternoon though, most of the time the Burnett girls were "styling" my hair. Had some pretty interesting "do's" but I must say they were much better than the things my sister Anna does!! :D

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Abbie!!

Today is a very special young lady's birthday, Abbie Burnett . Wow I can't believe she is 16 years old. We always have so much fun with each other when our families get together. Now of course Abbie would probably tell you that I always give her a really hard time, and well it's probably true. She is very special to me though, Happy Birthday Abbie!! I really do love you! :D Just come on over and help me out with my goat chores....and be sure to wear your boots!! :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

First goat show of the year!!

Okay, finally getting around to this post. :) Our first goat show of 2008 was last Saturday. We only were able to take 2 goats because I haven't gotten all the new babies registrations done. Friday was a busy day, the guys were working and trying to get a concrete job done, and I was really needing to get to Stillwater to get the goats prepared. So ended up me, Dannie, and Andrew went to the job site and picked up Elijah and came home in the truck. Got it loaded up, trailer hitched and we were off. We didn't end up getting there till about 5:30 p.m. We got started right away getting the first goat washed after saying hi to some friends. I had not done anything at all to Chisum so I knew I'd take a while on her because I had to clip. I didn't realize I'd spend 2-1/2 hours on her though!! :D I wasn't in a hurry though with only 2 to do. Finally got her a clipped and prettied up and she did look nice.

Gauger just had to be washed and blow dried with a few clipping touchups so she didn't take very long. I took a break while Elijah washed her and Dannie blow dryed. Then some folks ended up taking advantage of some hard working guys and having Elijah, Micah and Andrew wash a bunch of their goats. :)

I think Danielle enjoyed her goat show experience, even though I had to tease her a bit and throw some "things" at her. :D

Saturday we got up at 6:00 to get the goats milked before we headed off. We were running a bit late again, but did manage to get there before it started. And then since I didn't have any younger goats it was a while before it got to mine. I was worried that Chisum wasn't going to behave very well because I have not done nothing with her since last fall, but she ended up behaving quite nicely. The one Andrew showed (Gauger) was really the one I thought would do the best, but she ended up not doing well. :( And then when it was my turn to show Chisum I made the cut and stayed in the top 12, or so and then ended up taking 8th place out of the class of 25. So, that was decent I guess. I really enjoy doing it though, even if I don't always win, I learn so much and we have alot of fun together as a family. Afterward we walked over to a different building where they were having a Home and garden show. Somehow we got in through the back door and didn't realize we were supposed to have tickets! :D

Monday, April 7, 2008

Fun Times

It's been a while since I posted....reason being I've been having so much fun I haven't wanted to be on the computer! Danielle got in last Sunday evening. She actually rode a bus here, which we decided not to EVER do again. And we were very glad that she had decided to take a airplane back to MO yesterday.

We had SO much fun talking, working together, and just being plain crazy. :D Last time she came we were not milking any goats, so this time she got to learn. :) The first time was pretty funny, took her a while to get up the nerve to actually touch "the thing." But once she started there was no going back and by the middle of the week she was milking them all by herself like a pro. AND loving to do it as well! She jumped right in with helping with everything, even the late night trips up to the barn to feed the kids. :)

Of course we had to pull out the ping pong table too, Danielle supposedly had only played a few times before, but she beat me the very first time I played her!! Not that I'm a pro at ping pong by any means though. :) We had a big tournament one evening, we had lots of fun even though both Danielle and I were out pretty early. We had some pretty fun "Rook" card games as well, for those of you that don't know it's kind of like "Spades."

We also had to take a walk out in the pasture, and climb over a HUGE pile of brush, just for fun of course. :)

We've also made the tradition of getting Blue Bell ice cream when she one evening we made a trip to town to pick that up, AND it was on sale so we came home with way too much!!

The younger ones love for Danielle to read stories to them. The "theme" book of the week was "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie." I don't know how many times they had her read that book! :) They never got tired of it though.

Wednesday was Joshua's birthday, he had an "Indian" theme. All the little ones painted their faces and made indian shirts out of old T-shirts. And somehow they convinced Danielle and I to do it too. :D We looked a little weird, but it sure wasn't as bad as something we did earlier in the week, we just claimed to be temporarily insane. :P Too embarrasing to even post pictures of.

Thursday evening we went to some friends house in Guthrie to play volley ball and fellowship. It was alot of fun.

Friday afternoon we headed to Stillwater to take some goats to a show, but I'm going to post about that in a separate post.

Saturday night was our last night together so we had to make the most of it, actually we stayed up till 2:30 in the morning! We were recording a song out in the guys studio "just for fun." Well, there were too many perfectionists in the room, (I was NOT one of them) and we ended up spending like 3 hours on one verse of "Living for Jesus!" I was getting a bit delirious, but we finally got it to where they were half way satisified, and I thought it sounded great. We also helped Dad plant our corn in the afternoon. We planted TONS of corn, hopefully God will bless it and it will be some good eating!!

Sunday, church was at the Chatham's in Blanchard. Danielle got to meet all of our homechurch families, which was neat. And then we dropped her off at the airport on our way back home. It was really sad to say goodbye, but we made so many good memories and hopefully it won't be too long before she can come visit again.

Love you so much Dannie!! ;)