Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Thanks so much for all the prayers everyone....those two little guys didn't make it though. They lived for about 12 hours, but I guess they were just too premature. :(

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

They're here!

She had triplets at about 10:30 this morning, I just missed the birth but got there soon after, one was still born, and the other two (both boys) are still alive, pretty small and weak but I'm hoping they'll be able to pull through. Mom is doing great, and taking good care of the kids.

Keep praying for the little guys. :)

Oh, the pictures aren't great because they were taken with my cell phone. :P

Monday, February 23, 2009

Kids soon....

Well, I've had a lot going on lately. My best Boer doe 'Gauger' due on March 12th came down with pregnancy toxemia early last week. I had noticed that she was just not "right" for a few days, and highly suspecting the toxemia, I picked up some meds from the vet and started some treatments at home. She wasn't responding well to it, so on Thursday I decided just to go ahead and take her into the vet, as she is a high dollar girl, and I really just didn't want to take any chances with her.

The vet confirmed the toxemia, and started her on more treatments, planning to induce labor if she started going down hill so we could at least save her. The next day she was still no better so we started an IV of glucose, by the next day she was doing better, but still not well enough to come home. She stayed at the vet through the weekend, and then this morning when I called to check in on her, I was told that she was going into labor. :( The guys had the van at work, so Katelyn was so kind to come over and go to the vet with me to see her. (Of course I have to be at all my goats births if possible) :) When we got there she was having some slight contractions, but her cervix was still after talking with the vet we decided to go ahead and induce so we could get the kids out, being concerned for the doe at this point. So...that's where we are at now, she was induced early today and it can take up to 36 hours before the kids come. So possibly tomorrow, at the latest Wednesday. They'll be 16 days early though so it's not too likely that they will make it, but I'm sure praying they will! I've had Gauger since she was 6 months old, have shown her at lots of shows, and I've been so excited to see kids from her....

So anyway...that's been my life for the last week. :) Goats sure like to keep you on your toes!

Oh a bright note, I sold one of my kids from last spring on Saturday, so now...I can order kidding supplies! :D

Monday, February 9, 2009

Due Dates :)

Well I'm anxiously counting down the days until my goats start kidding. :) 31 days until the first one is due. Still a little ways away but I'm hoping the time goes by quick! :D Poor girls, they are SO majorly fat though, but they'll have to go on being miserable for a few more weeks. I actually took Anna's camera out the other day and took some pictures of most of them, but wow I just don't get the photography thing! :D I'd be embarrassed to post most of the pics I took, they didn't look so great. :) This one isn't good either, but I wanted to post one of the preggo girls. :) So let's see, here's all the due dates, they're actually spread out a lot more than last year, so maybe it won't be QUITE so crazy!!

Gauger- March 12
Reba- March 15
Sassy March- 16
Poco- March 22
Fat Doe- Somewhere right in here didn't get her exact due date :)
Christiana- March 23
Alyssa- March 25
Madeline- March 26
Maggie- March 26
Paint- April 6
Shardae- April 16
Wenneveria- May 10
Destiny- May 17
Moonlight- May 18

We had a really nice weekend, Friday night we had some friends over for dinner, and then afterwards played ping pong and Dutch Blitz, we had a blast! Saturday Anna and I made a trip to Stillwater for feed, and then when we got back we went skeet shooting with some friends. It was a lot of fun. I need some major practice, as I didn't hit any! :) I had fun "trying" to hit them though. :P

Sunday was great as well, church was here at our house, and we had most everybody show up so it was a bit of a challenge trying to fit everybody in here but we did it!! :) It was great!