Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The newest baby at Shekinah Springs Farm!! :) A new little baby calf, he/she (haven't got close enough yet to figure out which) was born early this morning sometime. Anna found it laying out in the woods this morning with it's Mama. We were so thrilled that Shenandoah had no problems at all obviously, and she's got herself a healthy little calf. Here's about the best picture we got...I'm sure there will be more later. :)

Memorial Day!

We had a wonderful time yesterday afternoon at our friends the Chatham's home. Several other families came as well, and we had a great time of fellowship together. Lots of volleyball...croquet, and we even played a game of soccer using the volleyball. :) It was a pretty wild game, there were just so many people running around that it was almost impossible to ever get to the ball. :D Lots of fun though! I had a fun time playing croquet with some of the younger girls, we never actually quite finished the game...but it was still fun! After we ate, us girls started a game of volleyball...it wasn't going so great at first because none of us are really that good, but then some more people joined us and it started getting better. :)

We finished up the evening singing some songs together, and then we made the drive home and got in about a little after 11:00 p.m. And....I had to go up to the barn and milk my goat and feed the babies. :) Not so fun to do that late at night, especially when you can't find the flashlight.... :)

A fun afternoon...

Saturday Anna and I took the younger ones over to our neighbors house to go horse back riding. We had a great time doing it, and the horses were nice (for the most part) except for a slight incident when I was riding. :) Of course it would have to happen to me, but I'm sure glad it was me and not one of the younger ones. What happened was, I was just trotting along on Chick a little black pony, and I wanted to see if I could get her into a gallop so I gave her another little kick...and instead of going faster she kind of started bucking!! :D I managed to hang on, and then looked over at Anna and she had quite a horrified look on her face!! :P I must have looked rather weird. It scared Anna worse than it did me though, I actually rather enjoyed it. :)

Jeremiah got to take a ride on the donkey, "Penelope." It was her first time to have anybody on her back and she did really great. Pretty cute too!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Water Balloons!

Okay...it's been awhile since I've updated....again. :) (Thanks for the reminder Danielle). But the thing is, we've had major computer problems, still not worked out, but hopefully it will last long enough to get this post up. And there's just not been alot to blog about. :D I mean, lots of things happen, but this blog would be totally filled up with craziness if I blogged everytime something weird happened to me. :) So we'll just pass over my swim in the mud hole...the swing breaking with me on it...and all that. :P
I must say though, that I'm just lovin this warm weather we've had. Monday was in the 90's and it was great! And the whole rest of the week is supposed to stay mostly in the 80's. My kind of weather for sure. :) So today, it was planned to do water balloons outside, and there was alot of rumors that I was going to be the one that would be picked on. So after lunch was over, and I was able to make a run to the post office, everybody was ready. :) Now since I was a little late going out there some of the younger ones had already used up theirs, but Micah was still saving some just for me. :D Got mine all filled up, and we started at it. I'm a terrible aim with water balloons though, but did manage to get Micah a couple of good ones right in the face. :) I just barely escaped getting a direct hit in the head myself though. It wasn't long before we ran out of balloons, and we were still going after each other, so Micah started getting the 2 gallon buckets that we had our balloons in and dumping water on people. :D Everybody caught on pretty quick and it wasn't long before I was TOTALLY drenched!! Jeremiah is super good and sneaking up behind you and soaking you before you can do anything about it. :P And then I could hardly run because the skirt I had on does not do well at all when it's wet. :D It was lots of fun though!

There's actually not been very many goat pictures on here lately! Can you believe it?? I think it's about time though, Anna got some today that were pretty neat. Oh, and I guess I haven't posted a picture of the new goat stand I got, it's really nice and makes it so easy to work with the goats. Even with my whoppin Boer buck!

And my Lab Symphony....isn't she cute? :)

Mom has some gorgeous roses on her bushes...

Have a blessed week everyone!


Friday, May 9, 2008


Okay now, for those of you that know me well this will seem pretty normal. BUT, for those of you that don't then let me explain because otherwise you might think I'm totally weird, which I am, but anyway. :P Ever since I was a little child I've always been intrigued with jumping off of things, or across things. So I guess that faciniation is still with me to this day....I've done worse, like jumped off of a 15 foot cliff, but that's another story and unfortunately I don't have pictures. :)

Micah started doing this yesterday, jumping off the stock trailer onto the round hay bales. And I'm always up for a challenge so I climbed right up and did it too. It was lots of fun, but when I came in and showed Mom the pictures...well she was rather surprised and decided it would be best not to do that anymore. :)

And Gem, yes you are totally right, there's hardly a dull moment around here!! :)

AND NOW!!! The pics! :D (I had to do about 4 jumps for Anna to get good ones). :D




And yes...I did make it to the hay bale. :) And am still in one piece. Hannah, I am taking care of myself see!! :D

Monday, May 5, 2008

The elevator in Okmulgee

Well, I haven't quite given up on my blog... :) I've been busy, and just haven't had alot to write about I guess. We had a goat show in Okmulgee this past weekend. It was alot of fun, on Friday, Dad, Caleb, Daniel, Elijah, Andrew and I headed down to get all the goats ready. We stayed in a hotel that night, and had a rather interesting and fun time. :D This is how it went, we headed into the hotel, got checked in and paid for our room, the lady then told us that our room was on the second floor so many doors down. Okay, we got in the elevator, and headed up, or so we thought. Doors opened and out we came, hmmmm, I wonder if there is another front desk on the second floor? This looks kind of familiar! Finally after a few moments we realized that we had not gone up at all, but simply got in the elevator and then got right back out on the first floor!! :D We laughed so hard, realizing what we had done, and I'm sure the lady at the desk probably thought that our "elevators" didn't quite go all the way to the top. :P Anyway... we had lots of fun together, and then Saturday morning the rest of the family and my Mom's parents Paps and Shirley joined us. Paps was so kind to come from Arkansas to let us use his truck to pull the trailer to the show, as ours is having transmission problems. The show was fun, although none of the goats did anything phenomenal, we made it into the top 10 several times, really big classes as usual. :)

Thursday evening we had a really big hailstorm come through, at first the hail was really small, and then it got to about quarter size or a bit larger. Anna and I were up at the barn milking when it happened, and so we just stayed up there and waited it out, of course it was like SO loud in there with that metal roof. We didn't just stay in the barn though, we had to run around in it some just for fun. :) Anna was getting hit constantly, and I was running around trying to get hit, and it was just missing me. :D Finally I got a couple of good ones, it would hurt pretty bad if it hit you square on, and I ran for shelter. :) It was really neat to watch.

Oh, one more of my "adventures. " :) Wednesday evening, Anna had mentioned to me that one of our cows (she's pregnant) udder was a bit bigger. Well, I decided I wanted to go out and see for myself, now this particular cow is like the meanest cow we have, and ours are kind of notorious for being mean. So I headed out through the pasture and saw the cows up ahead. I stayed a safe distance back but couldn't get a very good view. So the cow (Shenandoah) kind of turned around and had her head in a small oak tree and couldn't see me at all. So I went up quietly really close behind her, not evening thinking what I would do IF she turned around. Well, what would she do but turn around and look at me right in the face, I didn't like the look she gave me at all, and so I turned around and took off running, and Shenandoah came running right after me. Yikes!! Usually she'll just kind of jump at you and then leave you alone, but she was coming really fast after me, I looked back and she was STILL running! There was a tree up ahead so I was debating whether I should try to get behind the tree, or just run all the way back to the barn, looked back again and she had finally stopped. Whew...that was CLOSE!! Lol, I was just laughing at myself for going so close behind her, not very smart good thing nobody was out there to see it, would have been quite a sight! :D