Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Birthday box....

Wow what a surprising birthday morning I had!! :) I got up pretty early (for me at least) and Mom was gone getting the traditional birthday donuts. Upon arriving home, she sent me to the back room saying she had to get "something" ready. So I knew something was up, but I didn't have a clue what! Well, finally she called me back in and there was this huge box in the living room all wrapped up with dog treats tied to the ribbons....hmmmm wonder if she got Duffy a buddy?? That was my first thought....so I started opening it, and what would you know it was my dear friend Danielle from MO come 2 days early!! :) Was I ever surprised, and excited!! We've had a great morning together already...what a great birthday surprise!! I just WASN'T expecting her at all to come in a box. :P

Friday, June 20, 2008

Staying busy...

Well, there is usually one of two reasons why I don't update my blog for so long...either the fact that I just haven't had nothing to post about...or I'm so busy I don't have time to post. :) Last week there just wasn't much exciting going on, and this week has been a rather busy one. The big news is, (although I'm sure most of you have already read about it on my Mom's blog) is that my brothers were finally able to purchase them a really nice Ford F350 truck. Praise the Lord for His provision!! Actually it was kind of neat, Dad, Anna, and I found it...and from the first time I saw it I thought it just had to be THE truck, although I had no idea how we could purchase it because it was a bit out of our price range, and the guys were committed to paying cash. But after going by there and working out a trade in deal with our old truck they brought it home!! So neat! Can't wait to take it to a goat show.... :)

Wednesday Anna and I had a big day....we went clothes shopping with the Burnett ladies!! It was so much fun, and we ended up finding lots of stuff....which was nice, because finding modest clothing these days is not an easy task! Wow did we ever have a time together! After we were done shopping we tagged along with them to the Wednesday night service at church and then spent the night with them. We ended up staying up like SO super late talking....3:30 to be exact! But we had some really good conversations and it was worth it, even though I was like REALLY tired the next day of course. :D

And then Thursday evening we butchered the remaining 25 chickens we had...started at about 8:30 and were finished up at around 10:30. Not quite as fun pulling guts out in the dark....hard to see! Tomorrow we are in for a big day headed some dear friends the Fleshman's to help them out with butchering 45 chickens!

We are eagerly anticipating my friend Danielle coming for a visit on the 26th, Lord willing...can't wait to see you girl!! :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

They're Here!!

Hooray!! My Nubian kids made it in safe and sound, and they are just TOTALLY gorgeous!! They're coloring is just so pretty. :) Funny though because we were waiting in the airport waiting for them to be brought out, and pretty soon here comes a crate with a Nubian kid in it...so I was like "here they are!" But it was only one...someone else had a kid coming in on the same plane! Funny huh? They rarely ever get goats and to get 2 crates of them on the same plane was quite interesting to me. :) Mine came out soon after, everybody was getting a kick out of seeing all the goats coming through. :) They got to ride home in the truck of course...Andrew held the smallest one, (she's only like 2 weeks old) and I held the other, she's 2 months old. We stopped at a gas station on the way home and I just HAD to get a picture of the 2 babies standing in the drivers seat!! I'm sure the guy pumping gas next to us thought I was a little weird standing outside calling to the kids and trying to take pictures!! :D :D

We had a blast at the Farmers Market in Guthrie this morning as well selling produce. It was our first time and actually it was only us and one other lady selling eggs, we had the monopoly I guess! We had a wonderful time and ended up selling a lot of potatoes, green beans, and onions as well as some goats milk soap. Thank the Lord for a bountiful harvest!

Oh and just so you know...yes the pics of them in the truck were taken by me, the others by the professional....big difference huh?? :D

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Another baby...

Okay, finally some good pictures of the new calf....and it is a "she" for those of you that didn't know. She is such a little cutie! And so much fun to watch her frisk around in the pasture. Now she has a buddy though....a little bull calf born this morning. :) Dad just looked out the window, and there was two little calves running around with their mama's instead of one!! He's a cute little guy too....but I think the heifer is prettier...she's a girl you know. :)

And my big news is....Lord willing I have two more Nubian doe kids getting shipped in from Minnesota on Saturday!! Can't wait!! I've had my reservations in since last October and there was a lot of complications this time...but thankfully everything finally got worked out. I haven't even seen pictures of them yet myself, but you can be sure when I have some I'll post them.

We had a big weekend butchering chickens....lots of fun and fellowship!! Mom has pictures posted on her blog, you can see them here. Now there is lots of other really gross ones...but I'm not sure if ya'll would want to see those! :D

Here's the newest guy...still a little wobbly!