Saturday, November 13, 2010

it's fall!!

Yep fall is really here!! Feels more like winter to me though! lol I definitely don't like cold weather, but something about the weather getting cooler and Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up does make me excited! :)

I "checked" my own blog just now and saw that rather nasty picture of myself still at the top...and umm yeah, time for something different!

Farm life is good, most of the goats are bred for March/April kids, still have a couple I'm waiting on, and the new thing for me this fall is doing artificial insemination, sorry if that's a little weird for some of you, but hey it's livestock we're talking about here. :) It really opens up a lot of opportunities for what I can do with my breeding program, being able to use lots of different bucks and bring in some new stuff! So I'm pretty excited! Just hoping that I'm successful with it, does take some major timing and practice.

I couldn't even begin to try to tell everything that happens in my life these days, let's just say it's an adventure!! Mom pretty much keeps up with day to day stuff on her blog, so check it out for everyday happenings.

Until my next post...whenever that may be. :) (And thanks to my sis Anna for the pics!)