Monday, December 29, 2008

Back from KS

Well I figured I'd do a blog post real quick, since I'm going to have a lot going on the next few weeks, and not sure when I'll get a chance to do one for a little while. :) We got back from KS on Saturday, we were up there visiting my Dad's sister and her family. It was a lot of fun!! My cousin Hannah has two little inside dogs, Annie Buggers (Yorkie/Corgi mix) and then the newest one Zoe (Maltese/Yorkie mix) they are both so cute!! Duffy and Dooley had a blast playing with Zoe, Annie was not so happy about so many dogs invading her home though so she pouted pretty much the whole time. :( We managed to get a picture of the four cousins...although they were NOT cooperating at all, I was holding Duffy's tail down so he would stay sitting. :P

Micah got to go deer hunting...and we went for a walk out on some of Uncle Jerry's property...the bad thing was it was SO muddy there from all the snow melting, and I only brought my really nice boots I just bought, and flip flops. So not wanting to mess my boots up I just wore the flip flops...and boy did my feet ever get muddy!! It was fun though! And then Jerry found a dead deer out there, it was one he had been watching grow for like 5 years...too bad he was hoping to be able to hunt it one of these days.

Nerf guns were also the big thing there...LOL those darts were like EVERYWHERE!! :D They little ones...and big ones too had fun shooting each other. :P Okay so I do like Nerf guns. :D They come in real handy sometimes...better watch out Dannie! :D

The Burnett family is supposed to be coming here in just a few minutes...always fun when we get together with them! And then later this evening I'll be going to pick up Danielle at the airport! Can't wait! She will be going with us to the San Antonio Film Festival, Lord willing.

Anyway, guess that's all for now!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

It's getting close to Christmas....and it seems like it's around this time of the year that we get "Christmas letters" from friends giving us updates about their families. I always enjoy reading them. So well, since it's that time of year I figured I'd do my own, just here on the blog of course. Now this may be quite lengthy, I'm not sure but I wanted to update you all on "Besh's Kids."

I'll start out with the most precious one, and that would be my little white ball of joy. :)

Duffy- has had an adventuresome year to say the least. He turned 1 in April, celebrated his 1st year with me in June, and then had his wild 3 nights in the woods in November. His mom still can't believe how all that worked out. And the newest thing is the sudden arrival of his little brother Dooley, they do love each other though.

Dooley- is the newest "kid on the block" here, and is certainly fitting in well! Weighing in at exactly 3 pounds he can sure hold his own against big brother Duffy! Now if we can only get him potty trained I would be really happy. :)

Rancho- came to live with me in July, he's a ball of energy and excitement that's for sure! Rancho had his adventures as well with his intestinal blockage and just barely made it through that. He has big plans to possibly attend a "herding school" this next year, learning all there is to know about working livestock.

Symphony- she seems like the "old lady" now, still struggles with some hip difficulties, but certainly rules the roost in dogdom! She's just a big baby and is nicknamed "Lobby."

Buster- he's the watch dog of the farm, and so sweet and sensitive. Well....he's got some attitudes too at times, but we love him despite that. :)

Jack- is Anna's dog...and well that's about it, you'd just have to ask her about him. :) for the goats! Nubian's first...

Maggie- is my first Nubian, and so far has been the best producer on the farm. She still enjoys her role as "herd queen" but that has been challenged by a few of the other girls around here.

Sassy- well her name says it all, she's Miss Sassy, doesn't like being messed with at all, but she does her thing on the milk stand. She had one big baby boy this year that she was extremely proud of.

Madeline- she almost went to a new home this fall, but after a turn of events she gets to stay here for the time being, she's the only black goat on the farm.

Shardae- flew in from CA this spring to start of my registered herd of Nubian's. She's just gorgeous and did great in the show ring this fall. She's looking forward to her first babies in April, and also to more shows!

Elegance- is one of my Minnesota girls, she's been a bit slow maturing but is looking prettier and prettier the older she gets! We can't wait to see how she shows in the spring.

Attraction- she's the "baby" of the Nubian's but is growing up fast! She also did great in the show ring, she's definitely one of Mom's favorites. :P

Escape- well let's just say he's living up to his name!! He's caused more than a few issues this breeding season with his jumping skills, but he's so handsome I can't be too upset with him. He's the one and only Nubian buck on the farm right now.

Buddy- actually he doesn't have a name...he's just that, a buddy to my Nubian buck Escape. He does his job well, and they are both best friends.

And now for the Boers.... :D

Poco- first things first she's my first Boer....wait actually she's Andrew's! :) She's such a sweet girl, and had two handsome little boys this spring....unfortunately they went in the freezer. :(

Reba- she battles it out with Maggie for the herd queen status, such a pretty girl that I really love. She had two beautiful kids this year, a boy and a girl, her buck Powerhouse did well at the Tulsa State Fair placing 5th out of 39.

Sapphire- okay...she's had a tough year. She gave birth to a stillborn kid in March and barely pulled through that, but once she did she was doing great!! Although now we're running into some more issues....she had an ultrasound last Saturday showing just fluid in the uterus and no keep her in your thoughts.

Alyssa- she had two of the cutest little girls! I love both of them...although this year she had a little accident with the Nubian we'll be having Nubian/Boer cross kids in March.

Christiana- she has the pleasure of saying that her buck kid went all the way to MEXICO to do some big jobs down there! Unfortunately she's at the bottom of the totem pole in goat world, but she's a sweet little girl!

Paint- gets the reward for having the most difficult kidding this that really put me to the test!! I got to have my arm in her all the way up to my elbow, but thankfully she had two beautiful BIG little boys!! Sad to say they had to attend freezer camp as well...

Gauger- okay this is definitely a well fed individual!! WOW we need to get on a diet, she's a hunk! Being the most expensive doe on the farm though, we are anxiously awaiting her first kids in March, she's the first one due.

Wenneveria- hmmmm, I wonder where she got her name? :D She's a sweet little girl, and looks forward to being a first time Mommy in June.

Fat Doe- She definitely got the award for having the most famous son this year! PENDRAGON is the man!! He did well in the show ring, and then got to go to a great home in Colorado to do bigger and better things. As to where her name came from...well you'd have to see a picture...she's the biggest doe on the farm!

Moonlight- this is Wenneveria's sweet little sister, she's such a feminine little girl, and looks forward to her first kids in June as well.

Destiny- you have to wonder what this girl is destined to do!! She's Reba's girl, and is certainly following in her Mom's footsteps as far as quirkiness goes, she does NOT like being messed with at all unless you act super sweet with her, then she gets the idea and loves to be petted.

C Doe Kid- okay weird name I know, but she actually isn't named, I didn't plan on keeping her but things didn't work out to get her sold, so she's here for now.

Redneck and Rustler- they were the last and most hoped for kids born this year, we took one of our very special does and bred her to the IBGA National Junior Champion buck..and got twin bucks out of the deal! They had a rough start, but are looking nicer and nicer as they mature.

10B2B X111- last but certainly not least!! This is our boy that came to us from 10 Buck 2 Boers...they're the ones that win most of the shows around here. He's had fun this fall, and is looking forward to lots of little babies in the spring. Talk about a whopper boy though, he's huge!

Well boring or not....that's the report of Besh's Kids!! Lots of babies this spring went on to do other things, but that's the keepers for now, looking forward to at least doubling that number in the spring with all the babies!! :) Unfortunately it would be a bit difficult to get everybody together for a family we had to pass on that. :D

*Edit* Mom (real Mom Cindy) wanted to make sure everybody knew that all Mom's on here refer either to goat Mom's or me. :D

Hope everybody has a very blessed and wonderful Christmas!!


Monday, December 15, 2008

Well this freezing cold weather has NOT been so fun. I didn't get up the courage to go out in it until about 2:30 this afternoon....I jumped up the four wheeler and sped up to the barn as quickly as I could. :) The goats water buckets were already frozen over from Micah and Andrew doing them this morning. Hauling water in 20 degree weather is not the funnest chore in the world either. :P By the time I fed, watered, and gave the goats hay I was quite throughly frozen! But after talking to a friend of mine who lives in Wisconsin and hearing about their wind chill being way below zero I figured I don't have it too bad....but it's still way too cold for me. :)

I'm sure most of you read about our Friday night adventure on my Mom's blog, it was so much fun! :) Although I figured out real quick that I need major ice skating practice. :D It certainly wasn't a good sign when I couldn't even walk on the GROUND, much less getting on the ice with those things on my feet! It was pretty bad, I couldn't get anywhere, and there were lots of other people skating so I kept grabbing onto other people I didn't know, which was kind of embarrassing.... :D It was fun, even though I never was able to get away from the wall. :P Micah, Caleb, and Daniel were doing good...but I just couldn't get it. :) This picture was taken at the Myriad Gardens in OKC.

Mom and Anna have been cooking tons of Christmas goodies today, I've managed to get a few samples and everything sure is good! I made bread, helped Anna roll up some peanut butter balls, and made a salad for supper. Cooking is not my favorite thing to do in the world, but it's certainly necessary. :) I'm planning on making some cinnamon rolls to sell this week, I used to do it pretty regularly, but haven't in quite some time. I've had people asking me for them though, so I might as well take the opportunity to make some extra money! :)

This is just a random picture but I thought it was cute! Guess Anna's heifer was ready for breakfast!

This is probably rather boring, but I wanted to update so I could be a good example to my friends. :P (That would be Danielle and Hannah) :) And Hannah, I think you'd better be working on that blog!

Longing for spring.... :)


Thursday, December 11, 2008

I shipped some orders out today...get yours in and you can still get it in time for Christmas!

Monday, December 8, 2008

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Duffy's little brother!

*Pictures added at the bottom of Duffy and Dooley together* :)

Okay, I know I might be a little crazy....but yesterday I drove 2 hours away and brought home a little brother for Duffy! :) A 4 month old Yorkie puppy. He is just adorable, and Duffy is having a blast with him, they are so cute playing together! He's quite tiny even at 4 months and weighs 2.6 pounds. He sure can hold his own against big 12 pound Duffy though! The drive was quite the adventure...I got stopped by a police on the way home. :( Scared me quite throughly but thankfully I didn't get a ticket. :)

So may I introduce to you, "Dooley!"

Mom and I went to town earlier and picked up some matching sweaters. :) So we got pictures of the two of them together...Duffy wasn't too thrilled about wearing his as you can tell from the pictures. :D