Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back from the show!!

Wow, this has been a busy fun week so far!! We took the Nubian girls up Monday evening, and then the show started Tuesday morning. It ended up starting way later than it was supposed to because we were waiting on our judge. So I think we didn't start until about 11:30 instead of 9:00.

Here's how we did on the first day.

1st place yearling milker- Lakeshore PS Shardae

1st place Jr. kid (5-8 mo. class) Shekinah's EH Sonata
2nd place Jr. kid (5-8 mo. class) Shekinah's EH Shalom

2nd place Jr. Get of Sire- Shardae's triplets (for those of you that aren't familiar with dairy goat terms, this is a group class showing 3 kids all from the same sire)

2nd place Jr. Produce of Dam- 2 of Shardae's triplets

3rd place Best three Jr. Does- Shardae's triplets

1st place Dam and Daughter- Shardae and Sonata

Wednesday turned out great too...

2nd place yearling milker- Shardae (She didn't udder up as nicely as she did the first day)

1st place Jr. kid- Shekinah's EH Sonata

4th place dry yearling- Blissberry FM Main Attraction

1st place Jr. Get of Sire- Shardae's triplets

1st place Jr. Produce of Dam- 2 of Shardae's triplets

2nd place Best three Jr. Does- Shardae's triplets

2nd place Dam and Daughter- Shardae and Sonata

I was so happy to get first place again with Sonata!! The second judge really placed things up differently than the first judge, so I was really excited she placed 1st under both. Thanks so much to my friend Emily for showing her to both her first place wins. :)

It was definitely a fun show!! Had a lot of fun spending time with all my "dairy goat" friends too. :)

Now I'm getting geared up for the Boer goat show on Saturday...hopefully it will go well!

Unfortunately pretty much all of our pictures turned out really grainy and blurry....but I picked out a few to post anyway.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Getting ready for the Fair!

Wow, this has been a busy week for sure!! Breeding season is in full swing with the goats, and also State fair preparation! Wednesday, Dad and I hauled two loads of goats up to the vet to get health papers, Thursday I had to get pictures of one of my buck kids for a potential buyer which means washing and clipping especially since it's so muddy right now, and then that evening I had to get all the Boer kids that I'm showing tattooed...that's one of my least favorite I put it off as long as I can. :D So now I have nice green fingernails from the tattoo ink that takes forever to wear off. :) Thanks to Andrew for being my assistant! :)

And then today I clipped one of the Nubian girls Shardae...goodness that goat is such a priss!!! I was glad to get her done with, well all except a udder shave but I'll probably do that on Monday. And for tomorrow....I have someone coming out to look at the buck in the morning, and then I need to go to Stillwater to pick up feed and get a few things I need for the shows...and then come home and clip more of the girls. Busy busy!! AND we have to get things to build my Nubian buck "Escape" a pen WAY away from the girls...I knew I should never have named that dude "Escape!" :D

And then Monday we haul the Nubians up to the fair! I'm sure I'll have lots to blog about once the week is over, it should be quite the adventure. :)

I'm not sure what I'm doing to myself with breeding the goats for February babies...I'll be frozen for sure!! But at least I won't have to wait ALL the way until March!! :D And it won't be all of them kidding then, just a few and most of them will be March/April. I have one last sale to go to to try to get a new Boer buck (I didn't buy one at the San Angelo sale), I just looked at the sales catalog for it last night, and it looks like they are going to be selling some really nice ones, so I'm praying that I'll be able to get one!

Anyway... I'm so ready for all this rain to leave for a while...I mean I'm grateful for it, but sloshing around in muddy soggy goat pens (in flip flops) is not exactly fun. :P

Here's the pics of the buck kid I mentioned, "Shekinah's Be Prepared." :) The top picture is one of Shardae's triplets saying "hi"

Gotta run...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Catching Up

Life has been rather busy lately, we had a quick trip to my grandparents in Texas last weekend for my Uncle Todd's surprise 50th birthday. Had a great time down there, and I think he was quite surprised that we were all there! We got back late Sunday evening after a long and rather uncomfortable drive. :) Poor Dad was on the back seat and it's rather bouncy back there, so he wasn't having the best time.

Monday morning Uncle Jerry and Aunt Tami, and their two children Garrett and Hannah stopped by on their way back to KS. They were just going to drop in real quick, but then we had Dave and Kate over to meet them and Jerry and Dave really got into some interesting conversations about different ideas, and ended up Uncle Jerry decided to go on home and leave the rest to visit for a few more days and then come back and pick them up. We were excited, as we always love having the cousins around! :)

We had a lot of fun, went and played volleyball one night, celebrated Micah's birthday, stayed up late every night telling funny stories and stuff, had a wiener roast, and one day someone dared Hannah to swim across our pond, and she did...really fast because she didn't know what was in the water! :D

They stayed until this morning, Jerry came back late last night. Oh and he brought the "doggy cousins" Annie and Zoe along too! :) Duffy wasn't so sure about them at all, but Dooley had a blast and Duffy finally warmed up some and had fun too. It was pretty funny seeing all 4 dogs running crazy around the house! :D

I've been busy getting all the goats prepped up for breeding season, I'm planning on February babies this year...might regret that later, but it works out better for all the shows that way. Plus I don't have to wait as long. :P Hopefully everything will go smoothly and there won't be any escaping bucks like last year. :)

One of my younger bucks went to his new home on Tuesday, and then I have somebody picking up a yearling buck and taking him to Arizona here in about a week. So only a couple more to go and I'll have everything sold that needed to go. I'm also looking for a new Boer buck to purchase, and might possibly be heading to a sale in Texas this weekend to see if I can find something, they have some really nice bucks for sale...hopefully they'll be in my price range. And then with the State fair coming up in 3 weeks...and a Artificial Insemination workshop to go to next Saturday....the goats are keeping me busy!

And rather random, just a picture of my Boer buck, got him all cleaned up yesterday...isn't he handsome? :)