Thursday, August 25, 2011

Russell :)

Well I did it again...I got ANOTHER dog. I wasn't planning to, it sort of just this. Last Saturday morning I loaded up a few goats I was culling out to take to the sale barn. When I got there I had to wait in line for about an hour, apparently everybody is downsizing their herds or something because of hay shortages. Anyway while I was waiting there I noticed a really cute, fluffy, black and white puppy in a crate in the back of a pickup truck. An older man was standing close by so I complimented him on what a cute dog he had, and he informed me that it was a dual registered Australian shepherd and he was for sale. Oh boy, I immediately knew I wanted him...however once he named the price and I thought over the fact that I really didn't need another dog..I pretty much convinced myself not to get him. But like I said the line was really long so I sat there and kept thinking about it and couldn't stop looking at that cute puppy. I texted my sister Anna and told her that there was a really cute Aussie for sale...and her reply was "buy him!" Hmm...I then texted my Mom and just randomly said there was a really cute puppy for sale. Her reply wasn't too negative so I figured out a way to come up with the money and made a deal on him. :) Texted my Mom back and said "I bought it!" :D

Friday, August 19, 2011

I made a blog post! :)

Hey Folks! Well as you probably can tell blogging has not been my thing lately! Or rather I've just been loving SUMMER as it's my favorite season of the year- maybe when winter comes around and I'm bored or something I'll get back into the blogging thing. ;)

However I thought I'd at least take the fall leaves off of my background...even though it's almost fall already...goodness time flies! So here's a happy summer color theme for as long as I can enjoy it. :)

Life has been busy, blessed and wonderful these days. My summer has consisted of, lots of volleyball, friends, swimming, visiting my bestest friend Danielle in IL, working on the farm, hanging out with my family, playing on the lake, going back to IL to be with Danielle and her husband for the birth of their baby boy Layton (definitely a highlight of the year!), going to a Texas Rangers baseball game, realizing everybody in our family is growing up, going to Six Flags for the first time, and well soooo many other things but hey I can't remember everything. :)

Farm life has been great, I've downsized my herd a little, trying to focus on quality not quantity and also because of the extreme dryness this year which makes hay really expensive. I'm excited to fly out my first goat ever to Ohio in a week...hopefully everything goes smoothly with that. :) I also had a lady buy one in New Mexico which was pretty cool. Today I have the AG teacher from Stillwater coming to buy a Boer wether and another lady coming to look at a Nubian doe kid so hopefully I'll make some sales.

Time to get to work now, blessings to everybody!