Thursday, July 30, 2009

Update...I'm so bad at titles! :D

Seriously I'm still alive, not sure if anybody was wondering, but just in case you were, I'm doing great. Seems like life has just been pretty normal lately, (well as normal as it gets) and not a lot to post about. I mean things happen, like Anna driving up to a stoplight and seeing a lady get hit by a car, or the more normal things like me chasing goats all over the pasture. However blogging just hasn't been my priority lately.

Today I spent a lot of time working on getting goat registrations filled out, and trying to come up with cool names for all my "kids." Quite the brain exercise! I finally got everything together and ready to send off. The deadline for the Oklahoma State Fair is coming up fast, so I have to have everything back by then so I can get them entered. I'm so excited about the fairs, they are some of my favorite shows of the year! We always have a lot of fun.

Elijah is working on building me another milking stand, I have two of them that we bought, but I'm milking three goats and I like to be able to bring them all in to the milking area at once, and then next year Lord willing I'll be milking quite a few more than that so it'll be nice to have another stand. He's gotten really good at welding and is doing a fantastic job on it, I'll have to post some pictures when he gets it finished.

Oh and then Elijah caught this really cool snake the other day, usually I'm not all that fond of snakes but this one was really neat looking and non poisonous so we had fun playing around with it (although Mom was freaking out!) for awhile until we let it go in a tree.

Kind of weird when I wrapped it around my arm

Anyway...lots of rain lately which we are so thankful for! I thought the top picture that Anna took was really neat.

Hope everybody has a great rest of the week!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Garden Workshop Baby

Remember the "Garden Workshop Baby goat?" Well I've been wanting to get her prettied up for some pictures because she sure is looking nice. So today Andrew and I were out working with the goats separating out the young bucks and wethers and decided to catch her and give her a bath. Once we were done bathing and clipping I had to get Anna outside with the camera. The goat wasn't cooperating the greatest as she was ready to go back to her mom, that's the reason for the sorry main thing is to get her to setup correctly! :D I'm really happy with this little girl, can't wait for the state fairs so I can show her! Oh..and she needs a name too, I don't think "Garden Workshop Baby" is very fitting, as pretty as she is she needs something better!

Friday, July 3, 2009

My Birthday, and Danielle's visit!!

My cute friend!! :)

Well, this post might be just a little late...but I was having so much fun with my dearest friend Danielle last week that I didn't want to take time to do a blog post!! :) So better late than never right? I had such a wonderful birthday, thanks for all the emails and blog comments! I'm sure most of you saw the birthday pictures on my Mom's blog, but I'm going to post a few myself too. Mom really went all out on the decorating, it was something else!! Between five tons of sand, building a tiki hut, and all the other stuff she had out there it was pretty major!! Definitely a birthday I will always remember. The games were so much fun too, we all were laughing so hard on the "Beach Bum Relay" quite hilarious!

Getting our team ready for the Beach Bum Relay

Hurry up Dannie!!

And the winner....Dave!!

We played tons of volleyball most every night, it was so much fun! Dannie was looking pretty cool in the sunglasses!

And since it was so hot...and we don't have a swimming pool we decided to take a swim in the cows water tank. Its the perfect size to cool off in, and the cows weren't around so in we went!! Okay Dannie, I will admit you are quite the country girl now, I'm proud of you. :D All was good until the cows got thirsty...and here they came!! Dannie was terrified, I guess she thought they were gonna drink her up along with the water or something, I'm not sure, but they were so shocked to find people in their water tank that they wouldn't even drink out of it. :D

Here come the cows!!

Saturday morning we went to the Farmer's Market, and then went to an Estate auction was pretty fun but so hot outside we were wishing we had just slept late and stayed home. LOL And then that evening Caleb, Daniel, Elijah, Anna, Micah, Andrew, Danielle and I all went to Bricktown.

It was so much fun!! First we went to Bass Pro and walked around a bit, we had fun trying on all the huge sunglasses in there!

After that we walked down the canal, it was neat, reminded us of being in San Antonio where we met each other. We finished up by going to Marble Slab and getting icecream, it was such a blast!! I was teasing Danielle that she still has just a bit of city girl in her for enjoying being in the city so much. :D

Monday morning we went shopping and then to the Tea Room in Edmond. It's kinda a traditon whenever Dannie comes and we always have so much fun there! They were all giving me such a hard time about the hat that I picked to for some reason they thought I looked like a German soldier!! Goodness...what a compliment!! :D :D

My German Hat... :D

And this was just totally a joke picture...

That evening we went over to David and Katelyn's for supper. They live up on a hill and it's so beautiful up there, we had to get some pictures sitting up on their rock formation, and then...well yeah we tried jumping off of it too.

1,2,3, JUMP!!

Thankfully the pictures of me didn't turn out! After dinner we played more volleyball, and then went inside to do some more crazy things which included racing through their kitchen on a rolling chair!!

Relaxing on the front porch...

Tuesday we spent a lot of time working on a song that Danielle had written, I enjoyed it though, and we got her parts recorded before she left, so now we just have to put in my violin part..and maybe some orchestra behind it.

And of course we stayed up late every night talking and having fun, we made so many fun memories, it was a wonderful week!! Thanks for coming Dannie-Girl, I loved it!! :) Miss you so much!