Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sledding Adventure

Well I'm sure you all are tired of looking at that silly picture of myself. :D So guess that means it's time for a new blog post....although the thing is I really don't have a whole lot to post about. We were iced in for several days, so the guys were home from work and we were all just stuck here at the house. Pulling the sled with the 4 wheeler was the big thing, very fun!! ALTHOUGH warning, it CAN be dangerous. :P

Here's how it went. They had been doing it for at least one whole day and I never tried it, but yesterday morning I decided I wanted to try it out. They had just figured out something new, which was instead of your typical "sled" they used a round plastic feeder which worked rather like a tube behind a boat instead of just going straight behind the 4 wheeler it would swing out to the side and such. Pretty neat! Andrew tried it first and it went perfectly fine for him. Then it was my turn. I jumped in and off we went!! Elijah was driving and had me going really fast. It was great until.....we were heading back around and Elijah made one last turn so he'd be turned around for the next rider, so I go flying out to the side of course and was moving REALLY fast. I looked ahead and realized I was headed right for this metal mineral feeder for the cows. Oh boy!! I had like NO time at all and realized I was going to have to either jump out, or get smashed into that I jumped, and with the momentum that I had going I literally FLEW out of the sled and went rolling for a ways before I finally came to a stop. The good thing...I missed the mineral feeder! :) Which I was very thankful for because I probably would have had quite a few broken bones at the least if not worse injuries had I hit that thing. As it is, I'm just a bit sore.

It was kind of scary for my Dad and several other siblings that were watching the whole adventure, Dad was sure I was going to slam right into the feeder. We got a pretty good laugh thinking about it afterwards had to have been funny seeing "Besh" go flying through the air!! :D If I only could have seen it. :P Unfortunately Anna wasn't out no pictures of it!!

Other than that there hasn't been a whole lot going on...I'm still VERY ready for spring though! :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Photo Dare

So my dear Dannie-girl tagged me AGAIN. LOL I think she's just trying to see how bad of a picture she can get posted here. :D :P SO...I'm changing the rules, new game now, okay?

It's called "PHOTO DARE"


1. Be brave and post the scariest picture you can find of yourself.
2. Tag one other person, more if you'd like but this is a dangerous game.
3. Go hide in your closet when your done.

Pretty scary huh? :D

Looking a little wild here!

Guess who I'm tagging.... :D

MISTINA!! (Yes Danielle has lots of different names). I'll be happy to do it for you if you need me too Dannie. :)

I'm also going to tag my friend Gem...we'll she what she can come up with. :)

Have fun! :D

Photo Tag

Usually I'm not all into the "tag" things, but I thought this one was pretty good!! :D Thanks to Gem for getting me in on it. :)

Here's the rules

1. Choose the 4th folder where you store pictures on your computer.
2. Select the 4th picture in the folder, and post it on your blog.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag four people to do the same.
5. No cheating (cropping, editing, etc.)

Anyway....the picture I came up with was pretty interesting, and will need some explanation. My apology's to those that are in the photo. :D

So what is going on in this picture?? Well, we had a "Family Day" like a get together with a bunch of friends (this was in 2006) and this was one of the games we played. We divided up in teams, and each team had a camera. You had a list of several different pictures that you had to take with your I guess this was one of them!! :)

I'm going to tag....

and of course Danielle, you'd really better do this because I want to see what your picture is! :D :D

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Scientific Theory?

Okay just so you all know, I don't go on trips all the time, as my last few posts seem to signify. :) Of course I do love traveling but it's nice just to be right at home most of the time. So I think it's about time for a blog post about something other than this one may be a bit interesting to those that don't know me very well, to my friends, it will seem totally normal. :D

Today being Sunday, we went to church as we normally do, it was just a few of us, Caleb, Daniel, Mom and I since we still have some sickness going around. It's been a while since I've been, with all we've had going on lately so it was so great to see everybody again. After the service us girls were all sitting around eating and talking when suddenly a certain friend of mine says, "Bethany, I want you to try breaking an egg." I was like what? Why? So she explained something about some sort of "science theory" that if you held the egg just right in the palm of your hand, and squeezed with equal pressure on all sides the egg would never break. Okay...well I wasn't SO sure of that at all, and was teasing that with hand milking goats for years my hands may be a bit stronger than most. But of course I was up to try it. For safety precautions I held my hand over the sink *just in case.* I was instructed on how to do it and then SQUEEZE!! Now of course it should have worked just normal right? Well if I know myself as well as I think I do I should have known that it would be otherwise. :D And well, the egg broke. But the thing is it didn't just "break" it EXPLODED several feet up in the air, all over the kitchen cabinets...AND right on on one of the guys shirt!! OH MY!! Talk about a bit surprised!! I'm just standing there at the sink with the remains of the egg in my hand, thinking WOW. That was NOT supposed to happen!! Of course all the girls were laughing at me SO hard, so I laughed too despite the embarrassment of it all...I felt so bad for Mr. Blevins because he had NO idea what we were doing, probably thinking I'm just cracking eggs on people!! :D Anyway...I guess either the "science theory" was incorrect or more likely I just didn't squeeze the egg properly, but whatever it was that egg broke big time. Now it was MISS BRITTNEY SOUTHERLAND that put me up to this...but of course she didn't think the egg would break so I'm not going to be too hard on her. :) Love ya Brittney! :)

So just another thing to add to my line of stories. :) And since I'm on the topic, if ya'll aren't bored yet how about one more? :P Sorry to all the friends that have heard this one numerous times. :D

Close to Christmas time we were invited to go to a Christmas play that a local school was putting on. The play was done really well and we had a lot of fun. Afterwards there were some refreshments, and punch. On accident I tipped over Josiah's cup, so I quickly cleaned it up with a program from the play and went searching for a trash can. At first I wasn't finding one, and then bingo, there it is right by the table. Went over and stuck the trash in when....OH MY!! This WASN'T a trash can at all, it was a large speaker, part of the sound system they were using for the play!! :D :D Yikes...that was NOT good at all, and as a onlooker commented, quite the expensive trash can. So yeah, just a bit embarrassing. :)

Weird blog post I know, but things like that seem to be happening quite frequently as I grow older. Wow, I do have to wonder if everything is right in my head at times, especially when Mom sends me to Walmart to get some cheese in the deli, and I go right to the "Jelly" isle, wondering why in the world they would put cheese over there. :D

Until later,


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back from San Antonio!

Well, before everybody thinks I've quite forsaken my blog...I think it's time for a major update! :) We just got back from San Antonio TX on Sunday, where we were attending a Christian Film Festival. But...lets back up a bit. :) Danielle flew in on December 29th, so we had a week with her before we headed to TX. It went by so quick I can hardly remember what all we did, but it was fun that's for sure! Oh, one evening we went to a banquet with Mr. Gothard, and played some background music...well it was "background music" until Danielle started playing her guitar with Caleb and Daniel...and then it turned into a performance! :D Everybody loved it! It was great...other than that evening we were just mostly playing around here at the house. Then on Sunday the 4th we picked up Caleb and Daniel's friend John-Clay, and headed to San Antonio for the Film Academy, (the rest of the family came up on Thursday for the festival). We were able to stay with a friend of John-Clay's while attending the academy which worked out really great, and he was SO nice and hospitable to us as well.

The academy was a lot of fun....and a lot of sitting through lectures, but I still greatly enjoyed it even though I'm not into film making at all. :P Danielle and I had to slip out on a few occasions because it would get REALLY long sometimes. :) I have to tell one story though...I think it was the first evening, there was going to be a 3 hour long lecture after we'd already been sitting all day so Dannie and I just decided to slip out on this one and take a nap. So we went out and found us a place to sit, and amused ourselves for a while by taking pictures of each other. Danielle would much rather be behind the camera though. :P

And then....we decided to try something. There was this little balcony like thing that we could see from where we were sitting so we wanted to see if we could go upstairs and try to figure out how to get up there. Well, the escalators were stopped...which probably means you shouldn't go upstairs...but we just ran up them instead. Once we got up there we forgot about looking for the balcony thing and just walked through some of the rooms that they showed films in last year. One of them had lots of chairs set up in rows, so I said "hey lets run across these chairs!" So I did and to my surprise Danielle did too! :D After that she walked into this little back room type thing like where they had lots of chairs stacked up and of course I followed. :P Well soon as I get in there I hear some keys jingling...uh oh! It's the security guard! So I hid as quick as I could, and Dannie saw the person and started running! Not good! We needed to get out of the room that we were in because I didn't want to have to explain why we were snooping around back there, so we tried opening one door but it was locked, so finally we ran to another door, and then dashed into the women's bathroom hoping we would be safe in there. :) Which we were, and after a few minutes we came out and walked back down the escalators as normally as we could. :) Whew!! I must say that scared me pretty throughly, but it was a lot of fun!! Caleb, Daniel, and JC just couldn't believe us though when we told them about it later. :D Anyway...that's just one of MANY things that happened on the was great.

Thursday the rest of the family came up and we stayed at a nice hotel in down town San Antonio, which worked out really good because we could walk to the convention center from it. We all enjoyed seeing many of the films there, and just had a great time being together. One of the highlights for me was getting to meet Kirk Cameron, the actor in the movie FIREPROOF. Since we had registered early for the academy we were able to attend this special banquet thing, that he was at, and surprisingly there were probably only like 50 people there, so we got to talk to him a lot and get a picture! Pretty neat!

Friday evening was the big night, and we were really excited that John Moore's film "The Widow's Might" won Best of Festival and the $101,000 cash prize. It was quite an exciting evening! We finished it up by spending the evening with all the people that made the movie "Pendragon."

A few other things we got to do while there was visit the Alamo, and hear the Von Trapps sing, they were great!

Anyway....that's just a brief run down of everything that went on! The trip back home went smoothly, and thankfully nobody got carsick. :) Yesterday was sad though saying goodbye to Dannie-girl at the airport....always really hard, and especially so since this time we aren't sure when we'll get to see each other again..but hopefully it will be soon.

Oh, by the way, has anybody ever tried running up and escalator that is going down? Quite the work out I must say, just have to be careful getting on and off, you have to jump! :P :D