Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Photo Dare

So my dear Dannie-girl tagged me AGAIN. LOL I think she's just trying to see how bad of a picture she can get posted here. :D :P SO...I'm changing the rules, new game now, okay?

It's called "PHOTO DARE"


1. Be brave and post the scariest picture you can find of yourself.
2. Tag one other person, more if you'd like but this is a dangerous game.
3. Go hide in your closet when your done.

Pretty scary huh? :D

Looking a little wild here!

Guess who I'm tagging.... :D

MISTINA!! (Yes Danielle has lots of different names). I'll be happy to do it for you if you need me too Dannie. :)

I'm also going to tag my friend Gem...we'll she what she can come up with. :)

Have fun! :D


Danielle said...

That is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny!!!! Lane and I love it!! :) :) :)

Not doing it though! ;)

Hannah said...

You are brave, Bethany! :P

Maggie said...

ok Besh, thats almost TO far!!Just kidding!!mabey!

abbie said...

WOW Besh!!! That is a major picture! But very funny! Thanks for posting.:D

Jordan Ruseler said...

Hello Bethany,

I accepted your photo tag!!!!
You can look on my blog and find it. I really don't let people take silly photos of myself, but I found one. Take a look!!!


Anonymous said...

Check out my blog!