Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sledding Adventure

Well I'm sure you all are tired of looking at that silly picture of myself. :D So guess that means it's time for a new blog post....although the thing is I really don't have a whole lot to post about. We were iced in for several days, so the guys were home from work and we were all just stuck here at the house. Pulling the sled with the 4 wheeler was the big thing, very fun!! ALTHOUGH warning, it CAN be dangerous. :P

Here's how it went. They had been doing it for at least one whole day and I never tried it, but yesterday morning I decided I wanted to try it out. They had just figured out something new, which was instead of your typical "sled" they used a round plastic feeder which worked rather like a tube behind a boat instead of just going straight behind the 4 wheeler it would swing out to the side and such. Pretty neat! Andrew tried it first and it went perfectly fine for him. Then it was my turn. I jumped in and off we went!! Elijah was driving and had me going really fast. It was great until.....we were heading back around and Elijah made one last turn so he'd be turned around for the next rider, so I go flying out to the side of course and was moving REALLY fast. I looked ahead and realized I was headed right for this metal mineral feeder for the cows. Oh boy!! I had like NO time at all and realized I was going to have to either jump out, or get smashed into that I jumped, and with the momentum that I had going I literally FLEW out of the sled and went rolling for a ways before I finally came to a stop. The good thing...I missed the mineral feeder! :) Which I was very thankful for because I probably would have had quite a few broken bones at the least if not worse injuries had I hit that thing. As it is, I'm just a bit sore.

It was kind of scary for my Dad and several other siblings that were watching the whole adventure, Dad was sure I was going to slam right into the feeder. We got a pretty good laugh thinking about it afterwards had to have been funny seeing "Besh" go flying through the air!! :D If I only could have seen it. :P Unfortunately Anna wasn't out no pictures of it!!

Other than that there hasn't been a whole lot going on...I'm still VERY ready for spring though! :)


Eliya said...

Oh Besh! I'm glad you missed the mineral feeeder, that would have really hurt! I bet you're sore anyway though. I wish Anna could have gotten a picture, that would have been quite the photo. LOL


*Anna* said...

I told ya it seems almost EVERY time you have one of your adventures I'm not there! :( Of course I came out there right AFTER it happened...oh well. :) That WAS so much fun though--sledding behind the 4-wheeler!!

Hannah B. said...

Oh my, Bethany, I am so glad you weren't hurt!!! PTL!

Sledding is one of the best parts of winter - I just LOVE it! =D

Stay warm and SAFE, girl! :P


Hannah said...

Hey, I like your new header! Nice, warm, chocolate brown. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, man! I'm glad you had fun, but sure glad you didn't get hurt!!
Like the pirst pic. ;)

abbie said...

Wow Besh! Glad you didn't get hurt!! Sounds like a really close call though!

Hey just to let ya know, I've totally been enjoying this winter weather!!!! Like SOOOOO much!! :D :D
I'm looking forward to the next time we get it again....hopefully REAL SOON!!!!!!!!! =o) :D

Love ya, Abe