Monday, February 9, 2009

Due Dates :)

Well I'm anxiously counting down the days until my goats start kidding. :) 31 days until the first one is due. Still a little ways away but I'm hoping the time goes by quick! :D Poor girls, they are SO majorly fat though, but they'll have to go on being miserable for a few more weeks. I actually took Anna's camera out the other day and took some pictures of most of them, but wow I just don't get the photography thing! :D I'd be embarrassed to post most of the pics I took, they didn't look so great. :) This one isn't good either, but I wanted to post one of the preggo girls. :) So let's see, here's all the due dates, they're actually spread out a lot more than last year, so maybe it won't be QUITE so crazy!!

Gauger- March 12
Reba- March 15
Sassy March- 16
Poco- March 22
Fat Doe- Somewhere right in here didn't get her exact due date :)
Christiana- March 23
Alyssa- March 25
Madeline- March 26
Maggie- March 26
Paint- April 6
Shardae- April 16
Wenneveria- May 10
Destiny- May 17
Moonlight- May 18

We had a really nice weekend, Friday night we had some friends over for dinner, and then afterwards played ping pong and Dutch Blitz, we had a blast! Saturday Anna and I made a trip to Stillwater for feed, and then when we got back we went skeet shooting with some friends. It was a lot of fun. I need some major practice, as I didn't hit any! :) I had fun "trying" to hit them though. :P

Sunday was great as well, church was here at our house, and we had most everybody show up so it was a bit of a challenge trying to fit everybody in here but we did it!! :) It was great!


Hannah said...

Wow, girl, I hope you are all ready for those births! Sure wish I could be there for one...:)

The Ahlgren Family said...

Wow! That's a bunch of kids on the way! I get a kick out of the "Fat Doe", no good name and you don't even know when she's due! Poor thing! ;)> (Just kidding...err... joking!)

Emily Kreger said...


Wow how exciting! Kidding time is so fun! My doe Denali is due anyday and I can't wait! We met at the OKC State Fair.

Happy Kidding!

Emily Kreger~

Mickey said...


we started our kidding season out with a big bang... quads to be exact. :) good to hear from you and I like your blog!


eliya said...

Looks like we're both going to be mighty busy the same time! My first doe is due on March 14th. I have 14 all due between the 14th and the 26th. I look forward to seeing pictures of all your kids!

BTW, the website you built for Caleb and Daniel looks great!