Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Thanks so much for all the prayers everyone....those two little guys didn't make it though. They lived for about 12 hours, but I guess they were just too premature. :(


Amy said...

Hugs for you Besh!

"Amy Goatress"

Danielle said...


I'm so sorry! :( Was praying a ton for those babies...and YOU!

Well I wanted to leave you a comment so everyone didn't think I fell off the planet, like you thought! :) I'm still here....! ;)

It was great talking to you earlier...!!!

Love you tons,

The Cochran's said...

Oh Bethany, we are SO sorry to hear that the little guys did not make it. May God be with and comfort you.

Emily Kreger said...

Ohh I'm soo very sorry!


Hannah said...

I'm so sad about your babies, Besh! Love you lots....

(Dannie, I was beginning to think you HAD mysteriously disappeared! :P Great to hear from you!!!)


Sending Out Arrows said...

I'm sorry about the goat kids - they were really cute.
It sounds like you're going to be really busy with all the goats due soon.
I really enjoy the blog.


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