Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back from San Antonio!

Well, before everybody thinks I've quite forsaken my blog...I think it's time for a major update! :) We just got back from San Antonio TX on Sunday, where we were attending a Christian Film Festival. But...lets back up a bit. :) Danielle flew in on December 29th, so we had a week with her before we headed to TX. It went by so quick I can hardly remember what all we did, but it was fun that's for sure! Oh, one evening we went to a banquet with Mr. Gothard, and played some background music...well it was "background music" until Danielle started playing her guitar with Caleb and Daniel...and then it turned into a performance! :D Everybody loved it! It was great...other than that evening we were just mostly playing around here at the house. Then on Sunday the 4th we picked up Caleb and Daniel's friend John-Clay, and headed to San Antonio for the Film Academy, (the rest of the family came up on Thursday for the festival). We were able to stay with a friend of John-Clay's while attending the academy which worked out really great, and he was SO nice and hospitable to us as well.

The academy was a lot of fun....and a lot of sitting through lectures, but I still greatly enjoyed it even though I'm not into film making at all. :P Danielle and I had to slip out on a few occasions because it would get REALLY long sometimes. :) I have to tell one story though...I think it was the first evening, there was going to be a 3 hour long lecture after we'd already been sitting all day so Dannie and I just decided to slip out on this one and take a nap. So we went out and found us a place to sit, and amused ourselves for a while by taking pictures of each other. Danielle would much rather be behind the camera though. :P

And then....we decided to try something. There was this little balcony like thing that we could see from where we were sitting so we wanted to see if we could go upstairs and try to figure out how to get up there. Well, the escalators were stopped...which probably means you shouldn't go upstairs...but we just ran up them instead. Once we got up there we forgot about looking for the balcony thing and just walked through some of the rooms that they showed films in last year. One of them had lots of chairs set up in rows, so I said "hey lets run across these chairs!" So I did and to my surprise Danielle did too! :D After that she walked into this little back room type thing like where they had lots of chairs stacked up and of course I followed. :P Well soon as I get in there I hear some keys jingling...uh oh! It's the security guard! So I hid as quick as I could, and Dannie saw the person and started running! Not good! We needed to get out of the room that we were in because I didn't want to have to explain why we were snooping around back there, so we tried opening one door but it was locked, so finally we ran to another door, and then dashed into the women's bathroom hoping we would be safe in there. :) Which we were, and after a few minutes we came out and walked back down the escalators as normally as we could. :) Whew!! I must say that scared me pretty throughly, but it was a lot of fun!! Caleb, Daniel, and JC just couldn't believe us though when we told them about it later. :D Anyway...that's just one of MANY things that happened on the trip...it was great.

Thursday the rest of the family came up and we stayed at a nice hotel in down town San Antonio, which worked out really good because we could walk to the convention center from it. We all enjoyed seeing many of the films there, and just had a great time being together. One of the highlights for me was getting to meet Kirk Cameron, the actor in the movie FIREPROOF. Since we had registered early for the academy we were able to attend this special banquet thing, that he was at, and surprisingly there were probably only like 50 people there, so we got to talk to him a lot and get a picture! Pretty neat!

Friday evening was the big night, and we were really excited that John Moore's film "The Widow's Might" won Best of Festival and the $101,000 cash prize. It was quite an exciting evening! We finished it up by spending the evening with all the people that made the movie "Pendragon."

A few other things we got to do while there was visit the Alamo, and hear the Von Trapps sing, they were great!

Anyway....that's just a brief run down of everything that went on! The trip back home went smoothly, and thankfully nobody got carsick. :) Yesterday was sad though saying goodbye to Dannie-girl at the airport....always really hard, and especially so since this time we aren't sure when we'll get to see each other again..but hopefully it will be soon.

Oh, by the way, has anybody ever tried running up and escalator that is going down? Quite the work out I must say, just have to be careful getting on and off, you have to jump! :P :D


Spinner said...

Just want to let you know that I have nominated your blog for the Lemonade Stand Award, you can read about it on my blog.

Glad you are back!

Anonymous said...

How fun and welcome back!

Payton Wilson said...

Wow!!! What a fun trip! Ever since I saw Fireproof, I thought that meeting Kirk Cameron would be so neat! I'm glad you enjoyed the festival (and the story about hiding from the guard was sooooo funny! I was cracking up!). I must admit that I've never tried running up an escalator that's going down. Should I? :) Hope to see you soon!

*Anna* said...

Oh, that was SUCH a fun trip!! Love the story of ya'll almost gettin locked up...what will my sisters get themselves into next?! That probablly all happened 'cause I WAS NOT there to moniter ya! :) No, I think I would have done it too! :D
Oh, and after having the experience, I think I'll advise AGAINST going up an escalator thats going down...unless you REALLY know how to do it, maybe. I JUST about lost it trying to get off that thing...oh my, that coulda' been bad. :)

Melinda said...

Hey, i am glad you had such a great time! Looks like a lot of fun, sounds like it too! You are soooo crazy! :-)
running up and down escalators???!!! Me?! Um, actually, yes I have. :-) I am glad I am not the only one.

Jordan Ruseler said...

Sounds like you had LOTS of fun!!! :D No, I have never ran up an escalator, though it sounds like fun and a workout for sure!
That story was great about you running from the guard!! :D

Danielle said...

Okay, I have some time to comment now! :D :D I had such a wonderful time with you Besh in San Antonio! A trip I will never forget!!!! ;)

Tell your family "Thanks" for adopting me for the week!!! So sweet of you guys! :)

Running up an escalator?? I don't think so! You all may think I'm crazy, but I'd NEVER EVER EVER do that!!!!!! I can barely go down the things, let alone up one going down! :D

Running from the security guard with you was lots of fun, I'd do it again I think! :D Your right though Anna, I think we got out of hand because you weren't there to tell us "no" or that we were being foolish! :D We missed you! ;)

Aren't you glad Besh that I wasn't so shy down there so you could talk to Botkin and MEET Kirk Cameron!!!!!!!! YAY! :) Just a tad bit excited, sorry! :)

Well it's late, guess I should go to bed!

Love you tons!

Eliya said...

Sounds like you all had a great time! Oh, yes, I have run up an escalator that was going down. That was a looooooooooooong time ago though! You're going to have to take Anna along next time. That way she can take pictures of you doing your stunts. ;-)

You can be glad you're down in WARM Oklahoma! It was -20 below this morning with a windchill of -31!!!!!! I'm packing my bags to come live with you until my does are ready to kid. =D Hopefully it will warm up a little by March.


CGNarnia said...

I can't believe you got to meet Kirk Cameron! I think he is a great actor. I would love to meet him.