Thursday, July 30, 2009

Update...I'm so bad at titles! :D

Seriously I'm still alive, not sure if anybody was wondering, but just in case you were, I'm doing great. Seems like life has just been pretty normal lately, (well as normal as it gets) and not a lot to post about. I mean things happen, like Anna driving up to a stoplight and seeing a lady get hit by a car, or the more normal things like me chasing goats all over the pasture. However blogging just hasn't been my priority lately.

Today I spent a lot of time working on getting goat registrations filled out, and trying to come up with cool names for all my "kids." Quite the brain exercise! I finally got everything together and ready to send off. The deadline for the Oklahoma State Fair is coming up fast, so I have to have everything back by then so I can get them entered. I'm so excited about the fairs, they are some of my favorite shows of the year! We always have a lot of fun.

Elijah is working on building me another milking stand, I have two of them that we bought, but I'm milking three goats and I like to be able to bring them all in to the milking area at once, and then next year Lord willing I'll be milking quite a few more than that so it'll be nice to have another stand. He's gotten really good at welding and is doing a fantastic job on it, I'll have to post some pictures when he gets it finished.

Oh and then Elijah caught this really cool snake the other day, usually I'm not all that fond of snakes but this one was really neat looking and non poisonous so we had fun playing around with it (although Mom was freaking out!) for awhile until we let it go in a tree.

Kind of weird when I wrapped it around my arm

Anyway...lots of rain lately which we are so thankful for! I thought the top picture that Anna took was really neat.

Hope everybody has a great rest of the week!


Anonymous said...

I love that first picture! So cool! Cool snake! I actually don't mind snakes that much. Nice to read about what you've been up to! Love ya! bye!

Anonymous said...

Wow! The first pic is great, and the snake is (although a snake, after all...) beautiful! And I can just imagine you running around the pastures chasing goats! :P

Rachel M. said...

That first picture is such a great picture! I don't think I have seen a snake that color green before--it is a pretty green; although, I don't get too close to snakes. :)

Rachel M.

Hannah B. said...

Oooo, I like the snake! :)

Nice picture, Anna!

Danielle said...

Lovely picture Anna! :) Thanks for updating us Besh on your life!! Oh, and SO uneventful..I mean you see a lady getting hit by a car EVERYDAY! ;) Just kidding! :)

Glad you got all your goats named! :) I still need to post about that once certain goat of yours! :)

Love ya!

Kenna said...

That's a very unique photo Anna! But it's beautiful! More inspiration for me! :)
Cool snake except for the fact that I don't like snakes. :)
Thanks for the update!
God Bless!

Emily said...

Wow cool pictures! Yeah I need to send in my entries for the State Fair soon. Thanks for updating your blog! Its great to read what you've been up to!

Kenna said...

What did you name the Garden Workshope Baby?

Bethany said...

Thanks for the comments everybody! :)

Kenna, I ended up naming her "Country Princess." Think it fits her?

Kenna said...

I like the name! Yeah, I think it fits her!
God Bless!