Monday, December 15, 2008

Well this freezing cold weather has NOT been so fun. I didn't get up the courage to go out in it until about 2:30 this afternoon....I jumped up the four wheeler and sped up to the barn as quickly as I could. :) The goats water buckets were already frozen over from Micah and Andrew doing them this morning. Hauling water in 20 degree weather is not the funnest chore in the world either. :P By the time I fed, watered, and gave the goats hay I was quite throughly frozen! But after talking to a friend of mine who lives in Wisconsin and hearing about their wind chill being way below zero I figured I don't have it too bad....but it's still way too cold for me. :)

I'm sure most of you read about our Friday night adventure on my Mom's blog, it was so much fun! :) Although I figured out real quick that I need major ice skating practice. :D It certainly wasn't a good sign when I couldn't even walk on the GROUND, much less getting on the ice with those things on my feet! It was pretty bad, I couldn't get anywhere, and there were lots of other people skating so I kept grabbing onto other people I didn't know, which was kind of embarrassing.... :D It was fun, even though I never was able to get away from the wall. :P Micah, Caleb, and Daniel were doing good...but I just couldn't get it. :) This picture was taken at the Myriad Gardens in OKC.

Mom and Anna have been cooking tons of Christmas goodies today, I've managed to get a few samples and everything sure is good! I made bread, helped Anna roll up some peanut butter balls, and made a salad for supper. Cooking is not my favorite thing to do in the world, but it's certainly necessary. :) I'm planning on making some cinnamon rolls to sell this week, I used to do it pretty regularly, but haven't in quite some time. I've had people asking me for them though, so I might as well take the opportunity to make some extra money! :)

This is just a random picture but I thought it was cute! Guess Anna's heifer was ready for breakfast!

This is probably rather boring, but I wanted to update so I could be a good example to my friends. :P (That would be Danielle and Hannah) :) And Hannah, I think you'd better be working on that blog!

Longing for spring.... :)



*Anna* said...

OH Besh, thanks so much for posting a picture of my heifer! You just made my day! :) Isn't she just SO cute? Oh I just *love* that girl!! :)

Danielle said...

Thanks Besh for being a "good example" :D :D :D I've posted a lot though, haven't I? :D :D Guess I can post some from Saturday... :) ;)

Sorry you've been so cold!! :( Can't wait to see you in like 2 or something weeks!! :)

Love you!

Love that pic too! :)

Amy said...

Oh I hear ya! Thank goodness for heated buckets though;) I have left the wall on ice skates but then again I was good at roller skating though and my ex-sis-in-law was a professional iceskater anyways.

Hannah :) said...

I would love to try ice skating with you some time! Wouldn't that be fun??? Y'all look so cold in that picture, but I know you had a blast!

I'm ALMOST ready for spring...maybe. It needs to snow first so we can go "sledding"! :P

By the way, this wasn't a boring post. I like to read your random news! :)

Hope to see ya soon!

Eliya said...

Thanks for posting Bethany. I love the pictures.
Hannah, you can come up here and go sledding (and shoveling!!! LOL). We have about 6 inches of snow right now with a big storm on it's way. It's a nice warm 21 degrees right now, but with the cold front moving in, it's 'supposed' to get down to below zero again. >:-( We've been spoiled by mild winters for several years - I wonder if we're going to have an old time winter this year! I'd like it if it never got below 20. That's about as cold as I can be comfortable in. I had to laugh, Bethany, when you talk about how COLD 20 is. LOL!
By the way, I love your coat! But you all need some hats! I mean real hats. =D

Gem said...

I love Anna's hair in the first picture! :D Lol, and about those samples... you mean eating them sneakingly? ;)
And yes, I'm longing for spring too!