Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Water Balloons!

Okay...it's been awhile since I've updated....again. :) (Thanks for the reminder Danielle). But the thing is, we've had major computer problems, still not worked out, but hopefully it will last long enough to get this post up. And there's just not been alot to blog about. :D I mean, lots of things happen, but this blog would be totally filled up with craziness if I blogged everytime something weird happened to me. :) So we'll just pass over my swim in the mud hole...the swing breaking with me on it...and all that. :P
I must say though, that I'm just lovin this warm weather we've had. Monday was in the 90's and it was great! And the whole rest of the week is supposed to stay mostly in the 80's. My kind of weather for sure. :) So today, it was planned to do water balloons outside, and there was alot of rumors that I was going to be the one that would be picked on. So after lunch was over, and I was able to make a run to the post office, everybody was ready. :) Now since I was a little late going out there some of the younger ones had already used up theirs, but Micah was still saving some just for me. :D Got mine all filled up, and we started at it. I'm a terrible aim with water balloons though, but did manage to get Micah a couple of good ones right in the face. :) I just barely escaped getting a direct hit in the head myself though. It wasn't long before we ran out of balloons, and we were still going after each other, so Micah started getting the 2 gallon buckets that we had our balloons in and dumping water on people. :D Everybody caught on pretty quick and it wasn't long before I was TOTALLY drenched!! Jeremiah is super good and sneaking up behind you and soaking you before you can do anything about it. :P And then I could hardly run because the skirt I had on does not do well at all when it's wet. :D It was lots of fun though!

There's actually not been very many goat pictures on here lately! Can you believe it?? I think it's about time though, Anna got some today that were pretty neat. Oh, and I guess I haven't posted a picture of the new goat stand I got, it's really nice and makes it so easy to work with the goats. Even with my whoppin Boer buck!

And my Lab Symphony....isn't she cute? :)

Mom has some gorgeous roses on her bushes...

Have a blessed week everyone!



Danielle said...

Okay, I still think you guys must have the craziest family, throwing water balloons at FACES!!! :shock: I can NOT get over that!!!! :D There's no WAY we can do water balloons when I come! Okay?

Those goat pics are great AND the picture of the rose, SO pretty!!!

Oh, and Besh.. :D lol your skirt is hilarious! :D Reminds me of what you asked me on the phone! ;)

Love ya!

Bethany said...

Oh Bethany,
please post about your swim in the mud hole and the swing breaking on you. It'll make me feel less crazy and probably be funny besides. Your dog is very cute.

Melinda said...

Water balloon fights!!! Fun!! That has got to be one of the best summer activities. oh, and the buckets afterward is so necessary, you always run out of balloons before you are done. :-)

Sarah said...

It looks like all you had fun! :)

Hannah said...

What a nice, mostly sensible post, Besh! =D

We bought some water balloons today....=D FUN!!


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog and your family's blog too. The pictures are great! I like taking candid pictures too. What kind of camera does your sister have?

We know the Linzeys. That's how we found out about your blogs.

In Christ, Elizabeth in OKC

Bethany said...

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for leaving me a comment! That's neat that you guys know the Linzey's too.

My sister Anna has a Nikon D40 camera, she really likes it alot! :)

Anonymous said...

Throwing water balloons loks like fun.
I am a homeschooled Texas girl. I read the article on Joel this week. It blessed me to see a big family.
I have a sister named Bethany too!
Where so y'all live?

Bethany said...

Hi Mary,

Sorry it took me so long to answer your question...I forgot about it actually.

We live in Oklahoma...glad the article was a blessing to you!