Monday, May 5, 2008

The elevator in Okmulgee

Well, I haven't quite given up on my blog... :) I've been busy, and just haven't had alot to write about I guess. We had a goat show in Okmulgee this past weekend. It was alot of fun, on Friday, Dad, Caleb, Daniel, Elijah, Andrew and I headed down to get all the goats ready. We stayed in a hotel that night, and had a rather interesting and fun time. :D This is how it went, we headed into the hotel, got checked in and paid for our room, the lady then told us that our room was on the second floor so many doors down. Okay, we got in the elevator, and headed up, or so we thought. Doors opened and out we came, hmmmm, I wonder if there is another front desk on the second floor? This looks kind of familiar! Finally after a few moments we realized that we had not gone up at all, but simply got in the elevator and then got right back out on the first floor!! :D We laughed so hard, realizing what we had done, and I'm sure the lady at the desk probably thought that our "elevators" didn't quite go all the way to the top. :P Anyway... we had lots of fun together, and then Saturday morning the rest of the family and my Mom's parents Paps and Shirley joined us. Paps was so kind to come from Arkansas to let us use his truck to pull the trailer to the show, as ours is having transmission problems. The show was fun, although none of the goats did anything phenomenal, we made it into the top 10 several times, really big classes as usual. :)

Thursday evening we had a really big hailstorm come through, at first the hail was really small, and then it got to about quarter size or a bit larger. Anna and I were up at the barn milking when it happened, and so we just stayed up there and waited it out, of course it was like SO loud in there with that metal roof. We didn't just stay in the barn though, we had to run around in it some just for fun. :) Anna was getting hit constantly, and I was running around trying to get hit, and it was just missing me. :D Finally I got a couple of good ones, it would hurt pretty bad if it hit you square on, and I ran for shelter. :) It was really neat to watch.

Oh, one more of my "adventures. " :) Wednesday evening, Anna had mentioned to me that one of our cows (she's pregnant) udder was a bit bigger. Well, I decided I wanted to go out and see for myself, now this particular cow is like the meanest cow we have, and ours are kind of notorious for being mean. So I headed out through the pasture and saw the cows up ahead. I stayed a safe distance back but couldn't get a very good view. So the cow (Shenandoah) kind of turned around and had her head in a small oak tree and couldn't see me at all. So I went up quietly really close behind her, not evening thinking what I would do IF she turned around. Well, what would she do but turn around and look at me right in the face, I didn't like the look she gave me at all, and so I turned around and took off running, and Shenandoah came running right after me. Yikes!! Usually she'll just kind of jump at you and then leave you alone, but she was coming really fast after me, I looked back and she was STILL running! There was a tree up ahead so I was debating whether I should try to get behind the tree, or just run all the way back to the barn, looked back again and she had finally stopped. Whew...that was CLOSE!! Lol, I was just laughing at myself for going so close behind her, not very smart good thing nobody was out there to see it, would have been quite a sight! :D


Danielle said...

Besh, you crack me up! You and all your adventures, they are hilarious!!! I'd say your just a TAD crazy! ;) Oh, and your cows ARE mean! :D :D

So glad you had fun at the goat show. Maybe next year you'll get that elevator figured out, IF you go back! :D :D ;) Ya'll are too funny! Sounded pretty crazy that night! ;)

Love the pics, thanks for posting!

Hmm...wonder if Thatcher will post? :?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like quite an experience Besh!
having quite a time!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe next time you go looking at the cow you might stay a little safer distant away!;D
Carinna B

Bethany said...

Well Danielle, I guess I'd have to agree with you, I'm just a tad crazy. Hmmmm, it'll will be interesting to see if Thatcher shows up. :)

Carinna, well actually to be quite honest, that's not the first time a cow has chased me...usually not quite so far though. :D So I don't know, I kind of like the thrill. :P

Thatcher Pituppart said...

Well, thought I might as well post, even though you aren't selling me any goats!

Looks fun!
Adios Mam'
Thatcher Pituppart

Leslie Shepherd said...

Bethany!!! It is nice to find your blog! Now I can get updates from your Mom on Joels Journey and you! :D
I like the title of your blog! :)

Charity Burnett said...

That would have been so much fun to see you running! :D

Anna said...

Beth! Maybe you should tell them about the time you were introducing yourself to sticks and stuff! :D :D

OR, post your self portraits :)

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I've liked reading this post! Sounds so much fun.
My, those hail stones are huge!! :O
Living in a farm must be so much fun! I guess it's hard work, but not one moment of boringness! :)

Danielle said...

Hey ANna!! I think you are right! Bethany needs to post her self portraits!!!!