Friday, April 11, 2008

First goat show of the year!!

Okay, finally getting around to this post. :) Our first goat show of 2008 was last Saturday. We only were able to take 2 goats because I haven't gotten all the new babies registrations done. Friday was a busy day, the guys were working and trying to get a concrete job done, and I was really needing to get to Stillwater to get the goats prepared. So ended up me, Dannie, and Andrew went to the job site and picked up Elijah and came home in the truck. Got it loaded up, trailer hitched and we were off. We didn't end up getting there till about 5:30 p.m. We got started right away getting the first goat washed after saying hi to some friends. I had not done anything at all to Chisum so I knew I'd take a while on her because I had to clip. I didn't realize I'd spend 2-1/2 hours on her though!! :D I wasn't in a hurry though with only 2 to do. Finally got her a clipped and prettied up and she did look nice.

Gauger just had to be washed and blow dried with a few clipping touchups so she didn't take very long. I took a break while Elijah washed her and Dannie blow dryed. Then some folks ended up taking advantage of some hard working guys and having Elijah, Micah and Andrew wash a bunch of their goats. :)

I think Danielle enjoyed her goat show experience, even though I had to tease her a bit and throw some "things" at her. :D

Saturday we got up at 6:00 to get the goats milked before we headed off. We were running a bit late again, but did manage to get there before it started. And then since I didn't have any younger goats it was a while before it got to mine. I was worried that Chisum wasn't going to behave very well because I have not done nothing with her since last fall, but she ended up behaving quite nicely. The one Andrew showed (Gauger) was really the one I thought would do the best, but she ended up not doing well. :( And then when it was my turn to show Chisum I made the cut and stayed in the top 12, or so and then ended up taking 8th place out of the class of 25. So, that was decent I guess. I really enjoy doing it though, even if I don't always win, I learn so much and we have alot of fun together as a family. Afterward we walked over to a different building where they were having a Home and garden show. Somehow we got in through the back door and didn't realize we were supposed to have tickets! :D


Bob and Cindy Cole said...


The goat show sounds like fun! The pictures of the Lab puppies are so cute! Are they full blood labs?

Katherine C.

Danielle said...

Beshu!!! Glad you posted about this...but c'mon...tell everyone what you threw at me!!!!!!!! SOO sick! :D :D :D

Love you anyway!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy reading your blog. Love the pics of the goats. I have been reading your mom's blog for over a year. I followed Joel's Journey. I pray for all of you.

I am glad you had a great time with your friend. :) LOVE the pics. What a great big sister you are. :)

We are getting a dwarf/miniature goat. We are very excited. :) Are yours miniature or regular size? We have never shown.

I love your blog~ we are a homeschooling family too.

Teena mom to 1/2 dozen

Sarah said...

How exciting, Bethany! I enjoyed reading your account of the day. :) It sounds like so much fun! When is your next show?

Anonymous said...

Your goats look so good, Bethany!

I can hardly wait to see you this weekend at the next goat show! =D


Bethany said...

Katherine, no actually they aren't fullblood Labs, the mom is but the dad is a mix. They did end up looking like labs though!

Dannie, you REALLY want me to tell what I threw at you?? :D Ummm, let's just say it was a nanny berry. :D

Teena, that's exciting that you are going to get a goat!! They are so much fun. Mine are all full sized goats, but I have had pygmies before, they are really cute.

Sarah, my next show Lord willing is this coming Saturday. I'm looking forward to it. I'm not sure how many I'll be taking yet, it depends on if I get my registration certificates for my babies in time.

Thanks Hannah, I can hardly wait to see you all as well. :)

Danielle said...

Nanny berry?? :D Is THAT what it's called?? lol

Eliya said...

Yep, Danielle, that's what they call 'em. lol

Bethany, the goats look wonderful - and 8th out of 25 isn't bad at all. Isn't it great to have lots of help? It's amazing how much work a show is!!! I'm glad you all had fun. Hope the next show goes well for you!


Bethany said...

Thanks Eliya! Oh yes, I love having lots of help, it makes it so much easier. :)

Dannie...see I told you goat people would know what a Nanny Berry is!!

Danielle said...

:D Thanks Elyia! :) Guess I learned something new! ;) No matter what it's called, I don't like them thrown at me!!! :P