Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Abbie!!

Today is a very special young lady's birthday, Abbie Burnett . Wow I can't believe she is 16 years old. We always have so much fun with each other when our families get together. Now of course Abbie would probably tell you that I always give her a really hard time, and well it's probably true. She is very special to me though, Happy Birthday Abbie!! I really do love you! :D Just come on over and help me out with my goat chores....and be sure to wear your boots!! :)


Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Abbie! Besh is good at giving someone a hard time, isn't she!!! :D :P

I hope you had a wonderful birthday and enjoyed your b-day surprise!!! ;)

Katie Marie said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Abbie!


Anna said...

Happy Birthday again, Abbie! :)
I told Beth not to give you to hard a time in this post :).
I'm so glad our surprise worked out...that was so fun! :D
*love ya!*

Abbie said...

Hey, Thanks Bethany!!! That was very sweet of you to post about my birthday!! :o) In fact it might even make up for all the hard times you've given me...we'll see =o) :o)
I had so much fun at the tea room with Anna!! Wow, was I surprised!!! Thanks again, love ya!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! :D:D