Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pictures! And another set of Twins.

Got some pictures of the triplets today...and then this morning another one of the Boer does kidded with twin bucks. They are so HUGE!! I just can't believe how big they are, almost as big as Reba's week old kids! The mom did great though despite having such big boys. :)

Here's the first little boy

Next is little sister her head is so dark it's almost black

And then the last boy! He's so cute, and marked just like his Dad. :)

Next are the twins born today...


Heather from Ontario Canada said...

They are adorable Bethany. I love their smiles :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful kids!!! They are all so cute!!
Love ya!

Maggie said...

oh,they're SO cute Besh!
I wish I was there to see them in REAL life!!!
love ya,

Anonymous said...

Cute! I like the girl, with her black head. ;)