Monday, March 9, 2009

The New Bull

The bull is here!! The sale was on Friday and we headed out early with our neighbors David and Katelyn. Once we got there we spent some time looking at the bulls, and then the sale started at 10:00. The first bull that sold went for $103,000!! And that was only half interest in the thing...kind of crazy! :D Most of them sold for around $3000-$4000 and we were able to get ours even a bit lower than that, which was great! Loading him into the trailer was pretty crazy, he jumped into there like a cannon ball and the whole truck and trailer was shaking! He was not happy with being shut up in such a small area, but once we got home and let him out into the pasture he calmed down. :) So far he's doing really good, no broken down fences yet! :P

It's only SIX days until Reba is due!! Poor girl she is SO huge and miserable. I can't wait!! I've been busy getting kidding stalls cleaned out, and of course checking and checking on the goats just in case she decides to go a few days early. :) Which probably won't happen, but you know, I just have to check. :)

Sooooo....hopefully the next post will be BABIES!! :)

Not sure what Duffy was doing here, but I found him sitting by the table on top of the wheat bucket...had to get a picture!!


Hannah said...

Wow, nice looking bull! Hope he doesn't give you any trouble while the guys are gone! :)

Can't wait for baby pictures! ;)


( : MavandMavette : ) said...

Good lookin' bull!!! That pic of Elijah looking at the catalog thing amid all of the bulls is a nice picture too!
We're glad to hear that he hasn't torn anything up yet (the bull, not Elijah... as far as we know.)!
Hope your kidding goes well!

*Anna* said...

Isn't he just handsome?! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! He looks so imposing! Does he have a ring on his nose? =P