Friday, March 20, 2009


Well yesterday was quite the day to say the least. :) Checked on the does in the morning and found my biggest Boer doe was bagged up tight and having some slight contractions, I checked her frequently and then a few hours later moved her into the kidding stall. She was having really regular contractions and then around 3:00 she started pushing, she pushed some and was kind of up and down for a while. Time was passing and I was beginning to get worried that she was doing some pretty hard pushing with out presenting anything. So I lubed up and went in...apparently the kid was trying to come out chest first, head was back as well as both front legs, I managed to get one front leg worked into position but could not for the life of me get the head around. After trying for quite some time with no success I got on the phone with my vet and decided to take her in. Only problem was....I had no way to get her there. Thankfully we have amazing neighbors and they were up for a goat emergency we managed to get her in the back of their trooper and we headed to the vet. Thanks so much David and Kate!! :)

~ Just born ~

My friend Crissa was on her way out to visit, so I called her and she met me at the vet. We unloaded my doe and the vet got to work, it took him probably a full 15 minutes to get things straighten out and deliver the first kid, and it was alive!! Number 2 came out pretty easily, and then he checked to see if there was anymore and sure enough little number 3 popped out. 2 boys and a girl. I was thrilled that everybody was alive and well!! Back at the house Crissa and I got the little ones to nurse and then had a lot of fun playing around with the other kids and talking goats. :) They are all doing well, although it took them a bit longer to get going being pretty wore out from the difficult birth, and having some leg issues, but today they've all been up and walking.

I'll try to get some fluffy pictures tomorrow of the little cuties!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, they are so sweet! I so have to come and visit you some day, and your goats!

The Ahlgren Family said...

Awe, they're all so cute! We're thankful that the Lord enabled us to have the adventure of being the goat ambulance! We rather enjoyed it! :)> 'Twas quite fun for me to get to see goats born for the first time!!! I had fun watching David watch the goats too! He seemed "in his element"! ;) We're glad to hear that they're all doing well now! Have fun with the rest of your kidding!