Sunday, March 15, 2009

Babies are here!!

Well Reba girl did it...1 day early! :) She started labor yesterday evening at about 6:00, I got her in the kidding pen in the barn around 7:30 and then about 9:00 she started pushing. The first kid started coming out breech, I grabbed the back legs but it slipped out super quick, it was extremely tiny and dead. :( I was pretty surprised, and was rather worried that they would all be dead, but a few minutes later she pushed out a big healthy boy! He was really active right from the start, and I had him nursing just a little while after he was born. And then kid number 3 came...a beautiful girl!! Yay!! I was so happy, they are all doing well and are SO cute! The pictures aren't the best, but they weren't cooperating too well. :)

Sassy is due tomorrow...she doesn't look very close though so I wouldn't be surprised if she went a day or two late. We'll see. :)


( : MavandMavette : ) said...

TWO set of triplets!!! Grant it, they didn't all make it, but hey, you've had triplets now!!!
David says that buck is a keeper(because of the triplets)! (assuming it was the same buck that Gouger was bred with.)
'Tis a pitty that we can't see them tonight! But from the sound of it, they'll be plenty to see!
We pray they stay healthy and that the other births go very well!

Emma and Mommy said...

Congrats! That is too bad about the first one, but what a happy occasion to have the other two here! A boy AND a girl, how neat is that!?

You are so good at what you do to help the little ones get here, your parents must be so proud of all you do and the wonderful care your provide your goats. A big pat on your back for that.

I hope Sassy does well when its her time. Good luck with her

The pictures are adorable. I showed my daughter Ella (age 4) and she kept saying "oh they are sooo cute" and "awww babies!" and asked me to show her again several times. :-)

Hannah said...

YAAAAAAAY!!!! What ADORABLE babies, Besh!! Triplets AGAIN - wow! Looking forward to more in the next few days, Lord-willing! =)


Eliya said...

Congratulations! But it's not fair! None of my does have kidded yet and several were due before Reba. I'm having a TERRIBLE time waiting. It's been fun looking at your adorable kids though - thank you for sharing. I should print them out and show them to my girls and tell 'em to "hurry up!" They never seem to listen to me though so it probably wouldn't help :-) I'm glad Reba gave you two healthy kids but was sorry to hear that you lost one. I hope the rest of the does give you all healthy and strong babies!

Sending Out Arrows said...

Congratulations on the goat kids. They are so cute! I will be praying that everything goes well with all the other deliveries.
That sure is a big bull! I'm glad there have been no broken fences.


Anonymous said...

They look so cute and "huggable"!

Mandy said...

That first picture is so cute I can hardly stand it! I love baby animals! Why do they have to grow up? The same reason human babies do, I suppose!
One day I would love to have a little farm of all miniature animals. Miniature horses, pygmy goats, dwarf rabbits, etc. How cute would that be!