Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Unicycling.... :D

Well, I thought you all might enjoy laughing at some pictures of me "trying" to ride the unicycle. Beware these pictures are a bit scary of me though! :D I've been working at it for about a month....it's taking much longer to learn than my genius brothers who mastered it in probably a week. :) Oh well...practice makes perfect I guess! Or rather in this case "crashing makes perfect." :P I tried to pose some "wipe outs" while Anna was taking pictures...but she never could quite get them...and I got tired of crashing on purpose so just me riding will have to do. :)

Hopefully ya'll will get a laugh from these... :P

Oh wow, I just realized I actually did TWO blog posts today!! :D That's amazing for me! :)



Anonymous said...

Great pictures Bethany! Riding a unicycle sounds really hard - especially in flip flops! I love the 'crashing makes perfect' statement - I should adopt that for my motto. My doctor tells me I need full body armor...

Bethany said...

I wouldn't even attempt to ride a unicycle. It must be difficult. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

( : Haha! Great pics!!! Looks like such great fun, I can't wait to give it another try sometime! And you're doing it on grass, that's even more challenging! Keep up the good work!!!!! : )

Danielle said...

You are hilarious Besh!!! Wow! Your doing it in a skirt also, not even a split skirt!!! Seriously, now you just need to learn to juggle and you'll be a true clown! ;)

Love you so much!!


Jordan Ruseler said...

Hello Bethany,

I am glad that you 'stumbled' across my site. I think that we are a lot alike as well. Do you use your goats for meat or milk? I use mine for milk. Is there a way we could exchange email addresses?

Blessings, Jordan

Anonymous said...

Yay! I love the concentrated look in your face, and that determined way you have your lips pressed. Great pics! :D

Hannah said...

HA HA!!!! You make me laugh!! =D Next time we come to your house, I expect you to demonstrate your new skill in person. ;)


(Hey, I noticed your outfit...=P)