Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rancho's Rough Week

My dear little pup Rancho was able to come home from the vet Monday morning!! I was SO happy to see him again, and SO glad that he is actually home after not knowing whether he would come home or not.

For those of you that don't know what happened to him, last Wednesday morning he was extremely sick, throwing up pretty much non stop and totally lethargic, I checked his temperature and it was also very high. The day before he had been perfectly fine, running around just like normal. Right away I could tell something was seriously wrong, so I called our vet and was able to get him dropped off there. Later that evening the Dr. called me and said that he was very concerned, wasn't able to put a finger on what it was yet, but was suspecting some kind of intestinal blockage, and wanted to get some x-rays.

Thursday he had the x-rays done, and that evening I was told that there was possibly some blockage...not at a specific point but nothing was going from his stomach to his intestines, so now I had 2 options, send him to a specialist for surgery which would cost like way more money that we could afford, or have my vet do an exploratory surgery, if he went in and it was something simple, like something just stuck in there he would remove it and hopefully all would be well, if it looked too major he would just put him down and not wake him up from surgery. Needless to say I was having a really hard time with it all, I really love that little dog and it just about killed me to think of having to put him down at such a young age. :( So we all started praying, that it would be something simple, and God would work things out somehow. He had his surgery on Friday, it went well, they didn't find any specific blockage, but found that his intestines were kind of out of place, the Dr. corrected that and we were just hoping that fixed the problem. Saturday morning I called and they told me that he was up, and doing a bit better but was still getting fluids and needed to stay there at least until Monday. Monday morning I called again and the Dr. said Rancho was up and going acting like a total new dog!! I went and picked him up yesterday afternoon, and the vets were just quite amazed at how things had turned out, they did not think at all that he was going to make it....and the Dr. told me that it must have been God that turned things around, and I'm sure it was!! Praise the Lord! I know it's just a dog...but God cares about even the sparrow that falls to the ground, right? :)

He's doing great, just sad that he has to stay confined for a while except for going out on a leash to make sure he doesn't eat anything weird and mess things up again...I'm sure glad to have him home!! I can't stand this picture of me...but it was the best one we got...so it will have to do. :D



Danielle said...

Oh you look lovely Besh!!! ;)

PRAISE GOD FOR HEALING RANCHO!! I was praying so much for that lil' pup! He is really cute! :)

Eliya said...

I'm glad things turned out as well as they did. Poor Rancho and poor YOU! It is so hard when you have to make those tough decisions. I'll bet it was harder on you than it was on Rancho. I'm glad he is getting better and you didn't loose him. I hope he continues to heal quickly.

Bethany said...

I'm very glad things turned out well for you and Rancho. I can imagine the thought of maybe putting him down. It's hard when animals die or have to be put down. I remember when I owned mice and was so distraught when they died.

Danielle said...

love your "fall" header for your blog! :)

Gem said...

I'm so glad!^^ It does feel bad when a pet gets ill :S