Tuesday, September 23, 2008

OK State Fair Boer Show

The Boer goat show was a lot of fun even though we didn't win anything significant. :) Lots of competition out there with Boers!! We had fun though, I took seven and boy was it ever a lot of work getting them all ready. :D I had lots of help though, Elijah, Andrew, and Dad washed and dried them for me so all I had to do was the clipping, mostly. Although I did end up washing the first one which happened to be my buck....phew did he ever smell!! :D I finally finished up with everybody around 9:00 and we headed home.

The show was Saturday morning...we had a bit of an adventure though when my big Boer buck got loose in the show ring!! NOT GOOD!! He is still just WAY wild and so he took of running, jumped over a chair and then went right into a crowd of people. Thankfully someone grabbed onto him, but he got pushed really far until our neighbor who was standing by grabbed on too. So thankfully he was caught before he did any serious damage. :) That buck is just a bit scary on the loose. :P

Next is the Tulsa State Fair Dairy goat show...coming up on Friday! :) I'm pretty excited about it, and I'll be sure and update when I get back....NOW make SURE you check back here tomorrow...I'll have a little something up that you will want to check out. :)



Danielle said...

Nice post!! SOO hilarious about your big buck! Oh and I cant' WAIT to see tomorrow's post!!!!!!!!!

Yay! :)

Love you,

Bethany said...

I'm curious