Monday, September 29, 2008

My New Boer Buck!

Finally was able to get pictures of him today! I'm sure most of you read on Mom's blog that I got neat how the Lord provided.

Actually it was rather humorous, Saturday morning Caleb, Daniel, Andrew, Josh and I were driving to the sale and all of the sudden it hit Caleb that we really didn't know how we were going to pay for a buck. So he started asking me about it, and was like "why in the WORLD are we going to this sale without the money to buy something???" :D I was like...well, hopefully the Lord is going to provide somehow. So we went on there, and sure enough I was able to find this little guy. I totally loved him, but had NO idea how high the bidding would go on him. Then I had the folks from Colorado come up and say they for sure were going to purchase the two bucks from me, so that was a major provision right there. Now just to hope the bidding wouldn't go TOO high. :) Finally it came around to him, they had 128 goats there and he was number 97 so it was almost all day before he sold. I was really nervous while Dad was bidding, but praise the Lord we got him, and for an even better price that we expected.

So here he is "10 Buck 2 Boers 111"...let me know what you think of him! :) And keep in mind, he's only 5-1/2 months old.



Anonymous said...

I have a question.... do Boer bucks have a certain *smell*? We used to have a pygmy buck and boy he stank! (is stank a word???) You could smell him 30 feet off!
Julia in OKC

Bethany said...

Hi Julia,

Yup, Boer bucks have the smell too...although I will say that I think pygmy bucks are the worst. :)

Eliya said...

Beautiful (or should that be handsome?), wonderful, AWESOME buckling!!! Congratulations Bethany and thank you Lord for providing him for Bethany!

Oh, Julia, that smell is just cologne, the does think it's great! It certainly isn't my favorite smell, but I put up with it to get babies. :D

Congratulations again Bethany!


Danielle said...

So glad the Lord provided and you were able to get such a fine buck!!! :) He is cute! :)

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Bethany, I love to read your blog. I'm a friend of your parents from Pine Bluff. Even though I never comment, I just had to comment on that cute, darling "little" goat of yours. I know absolutely NOTHING about goats, but I know I would love to hug that little fellow of yours right around that big brown spot on his neck. He looks so sweet! Tell your mom to be sure not to cook that one up in any casseroles!
Love, Ann Parker

Anonymous said...

He is so lovely and fat^^