Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's ANNA'S Birthday Today!!

WOW!! My little sister Anna is 16 years old today....hard to believe, but actually that makes me like REALLY old, oh boy!! :)

So much I can say about my dear sister...hmmmm where should I start? First off I guess I'll say Anna and I are like COMPLETE opposites in so many ways. She has light hair, I have dark, she likes to get up early...I LOVE sleeping in, I like goats, she likes cows, (that's a big one :P) Anna is quiet, I'm...umm, not so quiet. :) I make bread, she makes desserts...lots of little things I guess. But despite the fact that we are opposite in so many ways we ARE best friends. :) It probably wouldn't be such a good thing anyway if we were both loud you know. :P Anna is great for keeping me in line...she will claim that she has to go along with me to places and "monitor" to make sure I don't act TOO crazy. :D She's also really good at "detecting" certain things...very observant. :)

Anna is a SUPER good dessert maker, which is a REALLY good thing for me, because I greatly enjoy trying out what she makes. :) It's always the best!! It really IS a good thing that I don't get fat. :P She is also extremely talented at playing the piano, I'm amazed at how good she has gotten. There WAS a time long ago when I would teach her....she passed me up many years ago. :)

Photography is also something she greatly enjoys, and I'll add is VERY good at. I love seeing all the pictures she takes, she certainly has a lot of talent in that area. She always gets a good laugh when I get behind the camera...somehow I just don't get it!! :) So, in case you see a drop in quality in these pictures....that's because Anna didn't take them. :)

One of her favorite things to do is going out early in the morning and seeing the cows coming in for their morning feeding...she really enjoys anything that has to do with cattle, has her own black Angus heifer as well. We always have to joke around about what is better...goats or cows, but in the end we just have to realize that we'll never be able to quite agree there! :)

Anna is just an amazing sister, a lot of times it almost seems as if I look to her for an example...even though I'm the elder one. She loves the Lord with all her heart, and loves serving her family. We have tons of fun together whether its in the kitchen or out walking through the pasture. I'm truly blessed to have her for my sister.

I got some input from some of her friends as to how they would best describe Anna, I thought it fit her perfectly! "She's a very sweet, kind, wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, kind of girl, quiet but loves to have fun, a great photographer, and just like a "little mom."

And then from another one... "She is very humble and loving to her family and friends. She is loyal, and is a faithful letter writer!! She has a meek and gentle spirit, she loves the Lord with all her heart, and is a great prayer warrior! I would also say she's a real cowgirl :D, a superb dessert baker, and a wonderful photographer!!!!"

I could go on and on about Anna...she's just SUCH a wonderful sister. Hope you all enjoy the pictures I was able to gather up of her! :)

Love you SO much Anna!! Happy 16th Birthday!

Your sister,


eliya said...

Happy Birthday Anna!
Thanks for posting this Bethany! Anna sounds like a a really sweet girl and a wonderful sister. I love to see how much you love her and that she is your best friend. My sister who is 2 1/2 years younger than me is my best friend. And we are very different too. I hope Anna has a wonderful birthday! Tell her that I really enjoy all her pictures.

Abbie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you have an absolutely wonderful 16th birthday!! :D You are a very special friend to me Anna! And even like Bethany was saying, even though you are my age, I still look up to you and respect you! Hannah said I could have called you at 5:30 this morning, and you probably would've been up!! :D I hope your day is filled with many special blessings. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!! ~Love you Anna~ Your friend,Abbie

Bethany~ great job on the pictures girl!! Way to go!!! :D Thanks for posting about our dear Anna, she is very special isn't she?!!!

Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday Anna!!!!

Carinna said...

oops! I forgot to put my name.....

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Anna!!!!!! You are most definitely everything that Bethany said!! You are a very dear friend to me, oh, and check out my blog! ;)

Love you SO much!

Anna :) said...

Thank you for your sweet post, dear sister! I am forever blessed to have YOU as MY sister and best friend!
But me...Quiet?? Hmmm, sometimes MAYBE! :D But I DO love my job as moniter...what a FUN challenge that is!! No, really, I love your "crazy" would life be exciting if we were both the same? :) But I don't really call it "crazy"...just VERY FUN!
Anyway, thanks for all your kind and thoughtful words...praise the LORD for what HE has done.
And thanks to ALL for their Birthday wishes! I am having a lovely day thanks to the most wonderful family AND friends ever!!

Love you ALL!

~Anna :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Anna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bethany, great post!!!

Brooke C.

Anonymous said...

Happy 16th birthday Anna!

~ Brittney Chatham

Lockwoods said...

What a great post! I sure hope my girls stay each other's best friends and love eachother and the Lord more and more as they grow into womanhood just as you and Anna have!
Any tips for encouraging them in that direction? Either from you or Anna or your mom? That would make a GREAT blog I would eat up I'm sure...just like you eat up Anna's desserts :) Susannah is squirting my lotion all over the floor so I have to go...oh, but I had one more question. The long denim looking skirts that you and Anna have on in so many pictures...did you make those or buy them? They are so pretty!

Hannah B. said...

I want to wish you happy birthday too, Anna, even though I'm a day late! :/

Your party looked like SO much fun!! Besh did such a great post that describes you very well. You are steadfast, faithful, and loyal. I look up to your example of a servant's heart. May your love for Jesus grow deeper than ever before this next year!

Love ya lots!

Bethany said...

Hi Bethany,
I was wondering how you put that "Followers of the blog" section on your blog. I can't seem to make it out.

Bethany said...

Hi Bethany,
Thanks for the help and the email. I didn't think to look in layout, I don't know why. Currently I have no followers but I was just curious.

Bethany R

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I'm late, but Happy Birthday all the same!! :D
Hope you had a wonderful day, with lots of presents (:P) and plenty of the Lord's blessings! ^^