Friday, September 5, 2008

Getting My Boer Ladies In Shape...

I've been needing to get all my Boer goats wormed, and prepped for breeding which is coming up here pretty quick, and I still had some I needed to pull blood on for some testing as well. So trying to think of the best way to "get er done" I posed the idea to Andrew to make a pen and chute where we could run the girls one by one onto my grooming stand. That way we wouldn't have to chase each goat down and drag it on. :P So Andrew got to work and fixed up a small holding pen with a chute that led right up to the stand.

I had a lot of help too, Andrew would run the goats into the chute, and I would open the gate at the end and they would come right up onto the stand...the first one escaped but it worked really well with all the others. Once we got them secured, Hosie had a needle and syringe ready for me to pull blood, then they got wormed, and hooves trimmed. Hoof trimming does wear me out though, especially with my big Boer girls that enjoy trying to kick as much as they can. Not to mention a few toes stepped on....yes I was wearing flip flops. :P But it's so nice to know it's all done! We had a lot of fun, and Andrew just loves anything to do with moving livestock around so he had a blast helping out. :) Mercy even had fun trying to feed them hay. :)


Anonymous said...

Looks like you're staying busy!
See you soon!


Eliya said...

LOL about the flip flops! That's one job I WON'T do in flip flops. Give me a nice sturdy pair of boots for that job! :D Unfortunately, boots won't save the back though - having Mini's helps, but I'm still bending over the whole time!

I have yet to do my pre-breeding season hoof trims - but I'm not going to start breeding 'til Oct or Nov, so I have a little time. I don't like having kids in January or February here in WI. TOOOOOO cold!!! I like late March or early April kids. It shouldn't get below zero too many times then ;)

I like the chute idea. All of ours are so crazily friendly though, that we couldn't shoo them through the gate, they'd just want us to pet them! :D


Danielle said...

Looks like fun Besh! :) Are you still getting woosey from drawing the blood? :D Oh and so glad your a flip flop girl now! :D :D :D

Love you!

Bethany said...

Hey you were the one that was "woosey" with the blood drawing. :P I was just nervous. :) But yes, I am doing better with it, not quite as shaky. :)


Danielle said...

:D Okay, so I was the one getting sick, but you were DEFINITELY shaking!!!! :D :D

Your so cute! :D