Saturday, March 29, 2008

Globetrotting Goats

I posted a while back about my "kids" (goats) that were born in CA, and that they would be shipped in on April 12th. Well that date ended up getting changed, and guess what?? They shipped in this afternoon!! Pretty interesting picking up goats at the airport! :D We got there at about 3:30 and their flight was scheduled to get in at 4:05.

Since we had to wait awhile we got kinda bored and Dad wanted some coffee...and he wanted me to buy it for him. I figured since he was buying these really expensive goats for me I could at least get him a cup of coffee. :) So he and Andrew got coffee, and I got a icecream sundae, which turned out to be REALLY sick!! It was not good at all and I was not very happy that I spent $4.00 on it. Oh well.

Also I ended up running in to a friend at the airport who I rarely ever see. Kind of neat, so we talked to her for a few minutes and told her we were waiting for our goats to arrive. :)

Finally the plane made it in, we were waiting in the area where the baggage comes in because they were supposed to be brought through a door in that area. All of a sudden I heard a baby goat hollor and there they were, getting carried right through the airport! We took them to the baggage claim office and signed for them, the guy in there thought it was pretty interesting having goats come through! And then we headed out. Dad had to go get the truck so Andrew, and I got them out and held them while we waited. We got a lot of looks, and had one person ask what kind of "dog" it was! :D

I'm sure I'll have some more pictures of the goats to post later, but I've been in such a rush ever since we got home trying to get all my chores taken care of. They sure do look nice, I can't wait to start showing them when they get bigger and see how they do.

Also my friend Danielle is coming to visit us tomorrow, she gets to stay for a week. I'm sure I'll have lots of stories to tell later! :)


Bethany said...

They look very cute. We had to pick both our dogs up from the airport because they were flown in from interstate.

Charity B. said...

Can't wait to see the goats Bethany!!
They are very cute:o)
Have a good day

Sarah said...

How exciting! The kids are just beautiful - I hope that they do well for you in the show ring.

Strange looks? I'm not surprised! How often do people see goats in an airport?! :D

Sarah said...

By the way . . . enjoy your time with Danielle! :)

Anonymous said...

Awwww.... they are so nice... I like their ears!