Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stuff we've been doin'

The guys have been picking up bunch of brush piles in the pasture left over from clearing it off back in the summer. Sure looks nice now without all those piles. They used a Bobcat and Bill a friend of ours came out with a dump truck, we had rented a dump trailer, but it didn't end up doing the job. Bill is so funny and I just love this picture of him and Caleb! I got to get on the Bobcat for a little while and "play" with it, took a bit of practice to figure out all the different ways to dump and raise the bucket but I finally got the hang of it and was able to pick up some brush. :) It was fun, very rough though.

Monday another one of my Boer does had kids, a buck and a doe. She did pretty good, kind of a small doe so it was a little difficult but they finally came out. They are SO tiny, or maybe I've just gotten used to looking about my big 3 week old babies. Very cute and they are doing well, I have yet to get pictures of them though.

Last Friday night our friends the Burnett family surprised us by coming over for a Friday Fun night. We played games, laughed, ate, and of course had some ping pong! :) We have so much fun when we get together with them. Later that evening we had to go up to the barn to give the kids some milk and Abbie and Anna put the guys big Carhartt work jackets on because it was really cold, and we had to make them pose for a picture!

This week the weather has been SO nice and I've been outside as much as possible. Oh also Anna got a Registered black Angus heifer last week she had been wanting one for a really long time and was so happy to finally get one.


Danielle said...

The pictures with the Burnett's look like so much fun! Has Anna named her cow yet?? :) (Oh wait, is it a cow?)

Thanks for posting!!!

Bethany said...

Sounds like you've been having fun.
Would you mind giving the names and ages of your family so I know who's who when you mention them. I like cows, I think they have a nice face.

Bethany said...

Bethany- here's all the names and ages. :) Sorry it took me so long.

Caleb 20
Daniel 20
Me 18
Elijah 17
Anna 15
Micah 13
Andrew almost 12
Joshua 9
Jeremiah 8
Hosanna 6
Josiah 4
Mercy 2

Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing the update, Bethany! It sounds like you all have been busy. :)

How fun to work the bobcat! Have you used equipment like that before?

I hope that your two new kids are doing well. So that brings the total up to . . . ?

How fun to be able to spend time with friends! It looks like you enjoyed it. :)

Thank you for also sharing the photos of the cattle. Anna's heifer looks very nice - I am sure that she is excited!

Bethany said...

Hi Sarah,

I've driven a tractor before with a front end loader, and then of course the bulldozer. :) The tractor was probably the funniest, I just couldn't hardly figure out how to work that loader. :D

The new kids are doing great, actually I had 1 more born on Sunday so that makes a total of 21.