Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Mercy!

My sweet little sister Mercy is 2 today! She had "bunny rabbit" party theme, decorating was pretty easy with it being close to Easter. She has had a fun day so far, donuts, presents, and a Easter egg hunt. :) She is such a precious little sister and brings so much joy to our family.

I thought I'd post some updated pictures of the puppies. They are just the cutest little things. 4 weeks old now and walking around and playing with each other. We can't convince Mom to let us keep one though....oh well, I guess we really don't need one.

Kidding season has pretty much ended with a total of 21 kids, 10 does and 11 bucks. The last doe until 1 due in June kidded on Sunday with a single buck. SO many bucks this year. :( I missed the birth, she probably had him while we were on our way home from church, he was standing up and dry when I found him. Cute little thing though! We've gotten alot of rain lately, and my poor little Boer kids are no longer white. They are SO dirty!!

Some exciting news, back in the fall I had reserved 2 kids from a Nubian breeder in CA Lakeshore Farms. I got news about a week ago that the kids were born! And they had what I wanted as well. So Lord willing on April 12th I'm going to have these little cuties shipped in. A buck and a doe.


Eliya said...

Happy Birthday Mercy!!!

Congratulations on the kids!!! (again :D)

The puppies are so cute! I can see why it would be hard not to keep one.

Take care and God bless you and your family,


Bethany said...

I hope Mercy had a nice day. Your puppies are so cute. What breed are they?

Bethany said...

Thanks Eliya!

Bethany, the puppies mom is a registered Labrador Retriever. The dad is...a mix of I don't know what. (it was an accident) so I guess they are Labramutts. :P

Charity B. said...

The puppies are so cute!!
You really should keep one:o)
Charity B.

Gem said...

Happy Birthday to Mercy!
The puppies are so cute! They look like black silk...

Jerusha said...

Belated happy birthday to Mercy!

I just had to say that my little sister has pink bunny ears almost exactly like the little girl in the center(?)! She got them for a late birthday present yesterday! She was 3 two week's back.

Lovely pups! :D