Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kidding season is over

Hope everybody had a great Memorial day! We sure had a lot of fun, David and Kate and the Wilson family came over and we had a blast, played TONS of volleyball, shot potato cannons, drank lots of coke, and of course hotdogs and hamburgers, and homemade ice cream. It was great, and David even went out on our "raft" on the pond, he did better than me though and managed NOT to fall off. :D

And Saturday my new buckling came in!! I'm so excited about him, his sire is *B Kastdemur's Most Wanted, who is sired by the 2008 ADGA National Show Premier Nubian Sire. His dam is a beautiful stylish doe SGCH Blissberry R Rockin' Robin 2*M. I'm pretty excited about this little guy, I think he's going to do some great things for my herd. Oh and the best part!! It only cost $10.95 to get him flown in all the way from MN!! Reason being is that the airline forgot to put him on the flight and the plane left without him...so since they messed up and it was a guaranteed booking, they put him on a bit later flight for only $10.95. :) Made my day for sure!! It usually costs at least $200.

My kidding season finally came to a close, with the last doe kidding with twins a buck and a doe. (Boer). I was very grateful that it was a pretty uneventful birth for the most part, the buck did have one of his front legs back a bit, but once I got that fixed he popped right out. So lets see if I can do a rundown of all the kids that were born this spring.

Reba- 1 buck 1 doe
Fat Doe- 2 bucks 1 doe
Poco- 2 bucks
Alyssa- 1 buck
Paint- 1 buck 1 doe
Christiana- 1 doe
Destiny- 1 doe
Wenneveria- 1 buck 1 doe
Moonlight- 1 buck 1 doe

Maggie- 1 buck 1 doe
Sassy- 2 does
Madeline- 1 buck (Boer cross)
Shardae- 3 does

So that's a total of 24 kids, 11 bucks and 13 does...wow I guess I actually ended up with more does!! I must say it was a really tough kidding season this year...starting off with losing Gauger's preemie trips, and then having several stillborns, and I lost one older kid to dogs...and then Fat Doe's tangled triplets...and Destiny's preemie, (she's doing great now though) and then a few other minor problems. But I'm very thankful for the 24 healthy ones that the Lord blessed me with!

I finally got a picture of my beautiful "Hot To Trot." I'm SOOOO happy with her, she's so long, level, and just so pretty! I can't wait to get her in the show ring.

There's few random pictures of some of the new babies as well, isn't the one so cute with the all white ear? :)


Maggie said...

that sounds like ya'll had a BLAST!!
I really like picture the 3rd from the bottom!!!that goat is SO cute!
love ya!

Rachel M. said...

Those are such cute babies! :D

I love your blog. God bless, dear sister!

In Him,
Rachel M.

Anonymous said...

Wow, they are such lovelies! I'm glad you had so many kids, and hope you put many more pics of them up on the blog.

Eliya said...

Congrats on all the kids Besh! They are all gorgeous. Glad you had a better buck/doe ratio than I did! Hot to Trot is beautiful, what a smooth, level topline! And a nice loooong body too!
I love the dam of your buck too - wow. And what a deal on the shipping! When the airline messed up with my kids (forgot to get them on the plane and didn't know where they were) they didn't even apologize! Ask me about that story sometime on the phone - it's too long to type ;-) I'm glad they handled it better for you.

Oh, and YES, the kid with the white ear is super cute!

Kenna said...

All of your "kids" are really cute. Glad you had a good season.
Have you ever had 4 baby goats from one doe at the same time?

God Bless!


Besh said...

Hi Kenna,

None of my goats have ever had 4, I've heard of others that have though. And then one of Eliya's goats had six this year!! Something else!


Kenna said...

Wow! I've never heard of one having 6! We've had 2 or 3 sets of 4 and they were all girls!

Besh said...

Well, quad girls is pretty cool! I thought I was doing good with triplet girls. :D