Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back from Hot Springs!

And boy did we ever have a great time!! I know you all have seen pictures on my Mom's blog already...but hey, how about some more plus my version of the trip? :)

We left really early Tuesday morning, I was thinking we were leaving at 4:00 a.m. but then Elijah comes in and wakes me up at 2:30!! Earlier than I thought!! And you all know that I'm NOT a morning person!! :D However I did get up and we left at about 3:20. We ended up having two carsick little ones... :( never ceases to happen on all those curves through the mountains. Soon as we got there at about 9:30 a.m. though they were perfectly fine. :) Tuesday was definitely the hottest prettiest day, and we got right out onto the lake. I was determined to try knee boarding...was a bit nervous about it, but finally did and I really enjoyed it!! It was so fun trying to cut in and out and jump the waves. It's pretty hard on you though, lots of stress on your arms and back so I couldn't do it for very long. And that was the day that I got sunburned really bad on my fun at all. I don't burn easily at all so I'd never got it that bad and didn't realize how bad it hurt!

And then of course we did lots of tubing, the neighbor "Mr. Johnny" let us borrow a bunch of flotation devices (don't worry Dara, they were all pretty safe!) which were a lot of fun! I think everyone's favorite was "Mabel" which was a big chair type thing that you could sit up on and did it ever jump the waves!! Wow, you would fly up so high on that thing!! And when you went on the curves you had to hold on for dear life, or we did have plenty of wipe outs!! Poor Anna wiped out the most I think, it was pretty funny watching her wipe out, not to be mean, but you'd just have to be there to see what I'm talking about. :) Actually she liked to be pulled so fast and crazy on it, so that's why she'd wipe out so much. :D I got her to try knee boarding too, and I took the camera out on the boat to get pictures of her, she did really good!! Had a few crashes..but it happens.

Taking off!

This picture was blurry, but it was so funny!!

Yikes!! Just about to go!


This is "Mabel"

Getting Mom to go on "Mabel" was something else!! You all should have heard her screaming!! I think every picture we took her mouth was wide open!! Daniel drove nicely though, and she managed to get back to the dock all in one piece. Funnier though was when we took her on the boat while we were pulling Daniel and Anna on the tube, I think that scared her worse than being pulled!! She was majorly ready to be back on the dock by the time we were through, Caleb was almost in big time trouble for how fast he was driving.

Isn't she cute??

Thursday night we had a fish fry, and invited Mr. Johnny over as a thanks for letting us borrow all of his stuff. And then afterwards he took us for a ride on his pontoon boat, it was really neat especially after dark when everything was lighted up around the lake, so beautiful!

Caleb, Daniel, and Elijah all got really good at wakeboarding, they were jumping waves big time!! Really fun to watch them, I wasn't brave enough to try it though, I saw how many times they crashed...and yeah didn't look too fun. :D

By Friday I was pretty much worn out, and ended up with a bad headache all day so wasn't able to do a whole lot, oh well I think I made up for it with everything I did on the other days we were there. :)

The whole trip was a blast, we all had so much fun!! Thanks Paps and Shirley for having us!!


Anonymous said...

I felt like screaming while watching the pics! I could really see myself on a board, LOL.
I'm so glad you had such a smashing time! :D

Kenna said...

Sounds like ya'll had a LOT of fun. Wonderful memories that you will look back on over and over. The pictures were great!

Danielle said...

Oh man Besh, I so wish I could have been there! Sounds like SO much fun. :) Love the pictures of you in your little outfit too! ;) Your so cute! :) Wow! And great job Anna, looks like you did great! ;)

Love you! See you guys SOON!

"Corrie" :) said...

Boy, that was *so* much fun!!! Even though I wiped out so many times...and nobody else would ever wipe out on that thing, I so wanted to see what it looked like! :) I look so weird knee boarding though--strange expressions...
Oh, and Mom IS so cute in that picture!! :)


Anonymous said...

very fun, Besh!! I really enjoyed all the pictures. I love "playing" in the water. Daniel used to have Seadoos...those were a LOT of Fun! Glad you had a good time!

crik said...

Looks like FUN! :)

Eliya said...

Sounds like you all had tons of fun! I love playing in the water although I've never done any of the things you did on your trip. Looks like you all had a blast. And I LOVE the pictures of your mom on Mable. Those are GREAT. And she is super cute! :-D

Hannah :) said...

WOW!! That makes me want to go tubing SO bad!!! Looks like ya'll had TONS of fun! =D It was nice to actually see pics of Anna too. ;)

Hannah B.

Brittney said...

Great post! Looks like lots of fun...And Hannah is right, it's great to see pictures of Anna!

( : Mav'sMavette : ) said...

oh! That water looks sooooo WONDERFUL!!! It definitely appears as though ya'll had a splendid time! The pictures are great!
Your mom is very cute in that one picture of her, but she's cute in all of her pictures, she's so expressive!