Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shardae Kidded!!

Yesterday morning her ligaments were pretty much gone and her udder was getting fuller every time I checked on her throughout the day. Finally at around 5:00 I noticed some contractions, I came in for a bit and then went back out to check right before we ate supper. Her water had broke and she was pushing!! It took her a little while to finally push out a beautiful, very tiny girl! I took her into the barn, jumped on the four wheeler and sped down to the house to get some towels and some help. :D Anna and Hosie came back up with me and helped out with drying the little girl while I waited on number 2. She was taking her time for sure, I checked to make sure the kid was presented right, straightened the front legs out a bit, and number 2 was born!! Another girl!! Wow, I was so excited!! We were working on getting the kids bottles, when somebody hollered she's pushing again! A little bit later a 3rd kid was born.....and it was ANOTHER GIRL!!! Wow I was majorly surprised, but SO happy!! Shardae did wonderful, and her little kids are just way to cute. Praise the Lord for a healthy kidding, and beautiful babies!

Here's some pictures of the little sweeties...please note I took the pictures, just so you aren't wondering what happened to Anna's photography. :D

And this afternoon I got pictures of my doeling I'm getting from CA, Lord willing she will be shipped in the first of May. She looks just gorgeous in the pictures, I'm very happy. :) Her mom's name is "Hot Tropic" and her sire is "Playboy." Any name suggestions for the little girl?


Eliya said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! (again :D) They sure are cuties and your new doeling looks very nice too. I'll have to think on a name for her. I haven't even named all of mine yet - 32 names is a lot to come up with!
Again congratulations, I'm so happy you got some doelings!

( : MavandMavette : ) said...

How wonderful that she had 3 girls!!! :D We're happy that your kidding season has been going well... with only a few mishaps! So how many sets of triplets does this make?

Melinda said...

Cute Pictures!! So exciting! I wish I could pet them in person! :D

Love ya,

The Youngens said...

As for the names I was thinking about Mary or Esther. The kids are cute and so small. I can't wait till our goats have kids next spring. Sarah Y.

Hannah said...

Hooray! More lovely girls!! :)

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, Lord-willing!

MoonShaw said...

Wow, triplets again. Glad they are ok, and they are sooooooo sweet.

Maggie B. said...

hey Besh! they are so cute!
about the are some of the names i came up with:Mabelle, Daisy,Tulip,Summer and Lilly.... I think that is all.:)

Danielle said...

Oh Besh, they are SO SO SO cute! :) And 3 girls, WOW! :) Praise God for a good delivery!

Wish we had baby goats that cute, although Levi is quite cute! ;)

Love ya!

Dara Steward said...

Super cute little goaties! Sounds like you have been quite the midwife this spring! ;o)

Sending Out Arrows said...

They are really cute! Congratulations!!

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

I like the name Strawberry. :)

Anonymous said...

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