Monday, April 13, 2009

Just a quick update...

Well lets see, I guess I've had 3 more baby goats (Boer) since I last posted, 2 were born on Wednesday, and then one was born yesterday right at the end of our Garden Workshop. :D I knew she was close and was watching her closely Saturday morning, but she wasn't showing me any signs of labor, so I didn't expect her to kid right away. Goats like to surprise you though, so Dad was giving a quick tour of the farm at the end of the workshop and she had just dropped out her kid right before we got to the pen where she was at. She just had a single, but I was really glad it was a doe, after all the buck kids I've been getting this year. So now it's a total of 16 babies, two of the Nubian doelings went to their new home on Saturday. They went to a very sweet family who I know will take fantastic care of them. I love it when I know my "kids" are going to such a great home. :)

Now I'm waiting on my Nubian girl "Shardae" (one of the kids I got flown in from CA last spring) to kid, she's due on Thursday, so I'm expecting kids anytime. I'm really excited, and hoping that she'll have at least one girl. :)

The show on the 4th went really good, we took two Boer bucks, and then two of my 3 week old kids. There were two shows, one right after the other and we got two 3rd placings and one fourth place, and then the judge just went on and on about my little 3 week old girl, he really liked her a lot!! She was the youngest in the class though so she just needs a bit of time to grow and mature, but I was really excited about all the nice comments he made about her. No pictures though because Anna didn't come with me. :(

Thanks so much for your comment Dani-Joy, I think baby goats are pretty cute too. :) To answer your question about what I do with my kids- I keep most of the girls (as I usually don't get too many it seems) and sell any that I don't keep. With the boys, only the ones that I feel are really good quality stay intact as breeding bucks, I show them, and the girls as well to see how they compete with the other goats out there. I may keep one, and then sell the rest. The rest of the boys are wethered (goat term for castrated) and we raise them for meat.

We've had lots of rain the past couple days, I'm really grateful for it, but it sure makes chores a bit of a mess. :) LOTS of mud out there right now, my little white Boer kids don't look so white anymore. :D


Anonymous said...

Yep, it's rained a lot here too.
Thanks for the update! Was nice to know how it was going on with you. =)

Anonymous said...

Cute picture on the top! :) It was posing!

Thanks for the update!