Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ada Goat Show

Well I'm a bit late, but I wanted to post a few pictures from the goat show on Saturday. Elijah and I headed to Ada Friday afternoon to get the goats all prepped. We picked up a few of the Burnett's on the way for some extra help. I was just showing 4, so it didn't take that long to get them washed and clipped. After we finished up we headed back to the B's house for supper, Hannah had a really great meal ready and waiting for us. :) After supper was cleaned up we played a game called "Settlers of Catan." I really liked it a lot, (after I finally figured it out, kind of complicated!) I was trying SO hard to win...but sadly I didn't, John-Clay won both times. Oh well. :D After that we ended up staying up until 3:00 in the morning talking. Needless to say I felt kinda wiped out when I woke up Saturday morning. The show started at nine and the rest of my family and Paps and Shirley joined us there. My two little kids didn't place, but they're just a lot younger than most of the others in the class, so I'm hoping they'll do a lot better as they get bigger.

My two bucks did pretty good, the younger one took 4th in the first show, and my "10 Buck 2" guy took 3rd in both shows. I was pretty happy, I've been placing a lot higher this year than last, so I'm really glad about that! :) Poor Micah, his goat was NOT cooperating well at all.

This week has been pretty busy, I've been really enjoying this warm weather so have been spending quite a bit of time outside. Yesterday was violin lesson day, it was the first time for 3 of the students, but it went really well, it's neat to be able to share what I know with others.

This is the little girl that was born on the Garden Workshop day, isn't she cute? :)

Have a great week!


Hannah B. said...

It was so fun having ya'll down!

We will have to play "Settlers" again sometime...but I'M going to win this time! :P

Your little 'garden-girl' kid is very sweet! :D

Anonymous said...

She is very cute! I'm glad you had such a nice time, and I really like the goat pics. ;)