Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My busy week

Last time I posted I had 6 kids, now the count is up to 17. So that's why I haven't been posting much, I've been delivering babies! And I'm not sure what the deal was, but I had SO many kid at night, and so I was extremly tired!
Wednesday started out with my Lab Symphony having puppies, it was an accident and needless to say we'll be getting her fixed up so it dosen't happen again. She had 12 and they were all black, she's a beautiful cream color and I was hoping for some light colored ones. :( We did end up losing 4 because there was just so many they couldn't all nurse. But the remaining 8 are doing well. Our friends the Burnett's came out to visit us, and we were REALLY hoping they would be able to witness a goat birth, but the goats didn't cooperate.

Thursday, I noticed one of my Nubians was starting to have some contractions, but remembering how long she took last year I wasn't expecting anything for a couple of hours. So I came in and ate lunch got the kitchen cleaned and by the time I went back to the barn, she had just had twin girls!! Then that evening I noticed another doe (one of the Boers) getting close, I was determined not to miss this birth so I stayed up at the barn and waited. It was like 9:30 p.m. and FREEZING cold outside. We waited and waited till about 11:30 and she had started pushing but wasn't presenting anything. I was started to get concerned, and after giving her a bit more time I decided I was going to have to go in and check things out. I lubricated my hand and arm with some vegtable oil and went on in, the cervix was open as it should be but there were no babies in the birthing canal. On in further and I'm trying to sort out feet and heads to figure out which ones belong to which kids. I was SO scared, I was in the doe up to my elbow and the poor thing was really in alot of pain. I just couldn't get things sorted out. Finally I was able to find two front feet and hopefully a head, I was just praying they belonged to the same kid and I pulled it forward into the birthing canal. I was able to grab onto the two legs and as she pushed I helped out by pulling. Soon it became obvious that this was a very large kid, it just wouldn't come. The mom was in SO much pain and I knew we had to get this kid out quick. So I started really pulling hard for what seemed like such a long time. FINALLY his head came through and the rest of his body followed quickly. Praise the Lord he was alive!! After about 15 minutes she started pushing again and another one was coming, he was really big too, and I had to pull him some as well, didn't take him very long to come out, and he was even bigger than the first one!! I was so relieved that the Mom and babies were all fine. Andrew and I were able to get them up and nursing, and right as we were in the middle of doing that I heard a baby goat crying. So Andrew went out and checked in the shed that the Nubians are in and sure enough one of them and just had twin boys!! Quite a night to say the least, I didn't get to bed until about 4:20 a.m.

Friday, more kids, this time one of my Nubian doe that I had bred to my Boer buck. She kidded right after lunch with twin does, I missed the first one but was able to be there for the second. She did great, and both kids were up and nursing within a few minutes. Friday evening a single buck kid was born, I missed him as well! We had been inside having a ping pong tournament. :)

Then yesterday morning I headed out to the barn a little earlier than usual because I had to leave and go to the courthouse for Jury duty at 8:30. When I got up to the barn two little Boer bucks had just been born, I got them and Mom settled in a kidding stall, dipped their navels in iodine and got them started nursing. And then headed to the courthouse leaving them in the care of Andrew. I got picked again for the Jury, but once again was dismissed by the defending lawyer. It was fine though, because I was glad to come home. :)

Hope nobody is getting tired of birthing stories!! I still have one ready to go anytime and then the next one after that is due on March 2nd. Then 2 the middle of March and one in June.



Danielle said...

Praise the Lord for all healthy baby goats!!! :) :( So sad about those 4 puppies though!

The pictures are SO cute, thanks for posting them and telling about your week! Do you have any pictures from when the Burnetts were there?

Anonymous said...

I like your blog so much! It's very interesting. Every new goat story is read from top to bottom, and I enjoy it so much! I love the pics...

Bethany said...

Why thank you Gem!! Glad you enjoy it, I like telling the stories! :)

Sarah said...

My, you've been busy! I enjoyed the story and all the photos - the baby goats and the puppy are very cute. :) Thank you for sharing!

I hope when your other does have their babies that all goes well. Perhaps they'll even decide to have them during the day!;)

Eliya said...

Congratulations on the new babies! They all look really nice. I hope you will be able to get some sleep soon! I know how hard kidding season can be... Keep up the good work!

Oh, and Sarah, Bethany's does are just following the "Does Secret Code of Honor" - they can't have them in the day when she is home! LOL :D

Bethany said...

Thanks Eliya! Yep, I think my does have been following "the code" pretty well this year!!

Emma R. said...

I never get tired of your goat stories. They are so interesting and I think its wonderful you get to witness the miracle of birth and help these little ones make their start in the world. Even if they are "only goats" they are still God's creatures and I think they are all adorable.

Sarah said...


The "Does Secret Code of Honor" - haven't heard of that one before! (laughs). I guess that explains the late night births! :D