Monday, February 4, 2008

Jury Duty

This morning I had to report at the Logan County Courthouse for Jury Duty. I was a little bit nervous, Mom dropped me off because she had to take Duffy to the groomer for me. There was a long line of people coming all the way out the doors and down the stairs. So I stood in line and waited. Finally I got up to the top, I was watching the people in front of me very closely so I would know what to do. I had to go through security which mean't walking through a metal detector and handing my cell phone and purse to the policeman who looked through my purse to make sure I wasn't carrying anything dangerous. :) Thankfully he didn't find anything. So then I followed the crowd upstairs and waited in line some more. Finally I got to the place where I checked in I had to sign an oath saying that I was over 18 years of age a resident of Logan County and that I was not mentally retarded, which hopefully I'm not so I signed. :) Then I went into the court room which was packed full, there was pratically no seats at all and I had to go to the middle of the row and sit right in the middle of a bunch of people I didn't know. A little too close for comfort. It seemed like a really really long time before the Hon. Judge Worthington finally came in and started things. He gave a really nice little speech about our duty to serve as jurors and such. And then people started giving their excuses, they had health problems, sick children, no one to take care of their children, one guy was self employed, some had just started a new job and stuff like that. The Judge excused most of them that requested it. Then they called out everybody's names and passed out cards that divided everybody up into two different panels. I ended up on panel 2. Panel one had to stay today for a case, and my group panel 2 has to go in Wednesday morning. So all in all it was a pretty neat experience. I'm looking forward to hopefully being on a case soon. Just really hoping I don't have to be gone when the goats are having kids....

Last night we had a big "Super Bowl party." Which consisted of going to town and spending too much money on a bunch of junk (cokes, candy, chips, and dip) and then coming home and eating it along with homeade pizza while listening to the Super Bowl on the radio and playing ping pong. It was a fun evening, even though I didn't do very well at ping pong.

To my cold weather friends Melinda and Abbie, while you've been dreaming of snow and ice, I've been lovin this 75 degree weather!!! WOW! it was SO great!! I just had to stay outside in it. But it dosen't look like it's going to last long, you might get your snow tomorrow. :(

As to the pictures, it looks like I might have a little farm helper in the making!! Notice the "photo story?" Mercy is quite the animal lover, and has no fear of anything goats, dogs or cows. She loves them all!


Melinda said...

Yes, this weather has been a little, uh, unwinterish. :-)
I am glad we are getting our much needed rain today!

Wow, jury duty! I am impressed. I will definetely be praying for you!


Brooke said...

Hello Bethany,

Your blog looks great! I enjoy reading it! Have a great day!