Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Trip to the Zoo

Monday's in January and February are free at the OKC Zoo, so we took advantage again of the nice weather and went with the Chatham family. There was some new stuff since we last went that was pretty neat. A Oklahoma Trails section where they had animals that were all from Oklahoma. The Grizzly bears were really fun to watch, they were playing with each other, and throwing this rag thing around. And then of course we always enjoy watching the Gorilla's. We had a great time, but I think that'll do me for a while, as there's only so much to see!



Gem said...

Wow! That sounds fun! Thankfully, those gorillas you were on weren't alive!! :D

Melinda said...

Hey Bethany!

Didn't know you had a blog! Cute pictures of your zoo trip.

Love ya,