Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Horseback Ridin'

Since the weather was so nice on Saturday some of us decided to head over to our neighbor's and ride horses. They hadn't been ridden in quite some time so they were kind of acting up. We tried riding them around just in a small area and then decided to try out in the pasture to see if we would have more success. So off we went, I was on a horse named Charm with Jeremiah, Anna was on Chick with Hosanna, and Joshua was on Paco with Josiah, (which I was kind of worried about). So we took off, Paco immediantly went off to where the pen was and just stood there staring at the hay. Josh kept trying to turn him around, but just couldn't handle him. So I told Anna to trade off with Josh, Anna took Paco with Josiah, and Josh took Chick with Hosanna. About this time Charm started totally acting up, and it was all I could do to keep her under control. Anna still couldn't get Paco to come away from the hay and Chick just took off walking through the pasture with Josh and Hosanna on her.

They started getting farther and farther away and began holloring for us to come get them. I was still having problems with Charm and Paco still wouldn't come away from the hay. So there wasn't much we could do. Now they were really far out there, and they started getting really scared that they were going to go off in the woods and get lost, and started screaming hysterically. Finally our neighbor Carla, ran out and saved them, but they had quite a scare!! Poor Josh, it took him a while to get over it. Anyway by the time we were done riding the horses had finally calmed down and started acting decent. :) I guess we should ride more often....it was still fun though. (Chick is the little black pony and Charm is the big brown one).

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Danielle said...

Oh my! That sounds pretty scary! :S I would have definitely been screaming!!! Were you scared?? :)