Friday, February 5, 2010

First Baby Goats!!

Well Main Attraction finally decided to have those babies!! She started having contractions around supper time last night and kidded at about midnight, so pretty much right on her due date. :) Everything went pretty well, I was getting a bit concerned as she kept pushing and I wasn't seeing anything so I had Caleb come up (because everybody else was in bed except for my faithful little helper Hosie) to help hold her as I was beginning to wonder if the kid was presented correctly. But by the time he came up she was really getting down to business and finally out came a big ole buck kid. Number 2 followed shortly after and was also a buckling. Bummer! I was so hoping to have a doeling out of her and also had somebody that deposited on one...but oh well not much I can do about it I guess. They sure are cute little guys though, even though they are boys. :D LOL and Main Attractions udder is looking very nice. Praise the Lord for healthy babies!


JessnJamie said...

they are so cute!

Hannah B. said...

Aww, so sweet! Glad the birth went well, too.

Anonymous said...

They are quite adorable!

Have fun with your friend this weekend!

Sarah G.

Jessica said...

Hi Bethany,

I'm not sure if you ever had a chance to respond to my email, but if you did it must be lost in cyber-space!

I know you're extremely busy right now. I hope that all of the does and kids are doing well.

One of our does delivered prematurely in the night - we had no idea she was laboring until the next morning when we found her twins... dead. Uggh.

Anonymous said...

They look SO sweet! Congratulatios :D

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