Monday, October 12, 2009

Tulsa State Fair Winner!!

This weekend we were back in Tulsa for the Boer goat show. It was pretty cold on Friday getting them all bathed and such...I didn't do any of the washing and I was still freezing. Saturday was a little better, the sun came out and it wasn't quite as windy. None of my does placed, it was pretty crazy with classes that were so huge, 79 goats in one of them to be exact!! My new buck was in a class of about 35, and ended up placing 10th which wasn't bad. And then the last one to show was my yearling buck '10B2B X111.' Elijah was showing him for me so I was sitting in the stands watching and kinda nervous as they kept placing and he was in the top 4, and then 3, and then just him and one other buck...and then...1st place!! I was so excited!! The judge really liked him, and made lots of nice comments. So a few minutes later he was back in for the grand drive, and imagine my surprise when he took Grand Champion!! We were all so excited!

Unfortunately the only picture I have is one a friend took on their cell phone that is really blurry and the buck isn't set up very well.... Sooo anyway that finished up the state fairs for us, now just one more Boer goat show the end of October and show season will be over until spring. It's been fun!!


Eliya said...

WOW! That is so awesome Besh! Congratulations. Good job Elijah. Showing a big buck like that isn't usually easy. ;-) '10B2B X111' looks pretty good even in that picture (you HAVE to come up with a name for that boy!). Again congratulations. I bet you are looking forward to his babies next spring!
Talk soon,

Hon :) said...

Yay!! So excited for you, girl.