Monday, October 5, 2009

The latest Dairy show....and a new buck! :)

Well this past week was the Tulsa Dairy goat show. We loaded up Thursday morning and arrived in Tulsa around noon. Most of the afternoon was spent getting the goats ready, and then Anna decided she wanted to walk through the fair and see if she could find a good ride to ride. After deciding which one we were going to do, well actually I wasn't planning on going, I'd just never really rode any rides before so I wasn't too sure about it. :D But Anna and my friend Brianne finally convinced me that I had to do I did and it ended up being really fun. After we finished up with everything we headed to the Stinson's home where we spent the night. We had a great time visiting with them and hearing stories and seeing pictures from Sarah and Rebekah's trip to Indonesia, they had just got back early that morning.

The show was Friday morning and the Stinson girls Hannah, Sarah, and Rebekah came along with us to join in the fun. The first class for me was my one milker Shardae, she had uddered up so nice and took first place in her class with best udder, and then went Reserve Grand!! I was thrilled!!! Next was my four young kids who ended up in a really big class, we got 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 7th. Not bad at all to have 3 of them at the very top of a class that size. After that was my 2 dry yearlings, who were in a really big class. I was showing "Main Attraction" who is my favorite one to show usually because normally she sets up so nicely for me. However she decided that she didn't want any part of behaving and was acting totally ridiculous. I was kinda frustrated thinking that the judge wouldn't even be able to get a good look at her since she was moving around so much. Imagine my surprise when he put her in 1st place!! The other one was close behind her in 4th. So next was the line up for grand, and she won Grand Champion!! I was so excited!! She is such a beautiful girl, definitely one of my favorites.

Last was the group classes with Shardae's triplets and we got 2nd place Jr. Get of Sire, 1st place Jr. Produce of Dam, and 1st place Best three Jr. does. Praise the Lord for His blessing on my was an exciting show for sure!

We came home Friday night, as the fair wouldn't give us a release for our goats until Saturday morning, so we had to drive all the way back Saturday morning and pick them up, and then we went straight to Yale OK, to the Cowboy Classic Boer Goat Sale. I spent about an hour looking over all the bucks they had there, and finally decided that my first choice would be a younger one sired by 'AK 47 *Ennobled*' a buck that sold last year for $41,000. However I had no idea how high he would sell for and was a bit worried that he would go out of our price range. Finally it came time for him to sell, Dad was bidding and it just kept going higher and higher, it was between us and one other guy and I didn't know how high he was going to go!! Finally he stopped though just as we had got to the max we could pay...and he was ours!! I'm really excited about this little guy! He was bred by Harry Linam of 10 Buck 2 Boer's who passed away early this probably one of the last young bucks you can buy carrying his herd name.

Introducing...."10B2B Mugsy's BAP AK Macho Man" quite the name huh? :D

I also had Anna take some pictures of my Nubian babies, as they are all clipped right now and I needed pictures for my website. Ignore the backgrounds as I just needed the goats themselves because I cut them out for the website. You can see them here. Hasn't Shardae's triplets gotten big?




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Jessica said...

That's a good looking Boer buck, Bethany!

We just bought a very inexpensive red Boer buck to breed our does. We're running a different operation over here at our little farm, as we're trying to increase our flock for meat rather than show. So, we didn't need to be concerned with bloodlines, etc.

However, our guy seems to be healthy, strong, and he's very active with the does, which is exactly what we were hoping for!

You can see a photo of him here:

I hope that you continue to have great success with your Boers and Nubians!


Coach Eliya said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Those are really great placings! How fun. They look really beautiful - I can see why they did so well. :-) Keep up the good work. Your new buck looks pretty great too - nice body, legs and what a roman nose! He's a looker for sure. I'm glad you were able to get him.

Melinda said...

Hooray! Congratulations! :)

That Boer buck looks really good. Your triplets have grown so much! They are all so cute. :)

Hannah B. said...

Macho Man looks very handsome! I'm so glad you were able to get him.

What a show! Wish I could have been there - I would've been cheerin' for ya! :)