Monday, November 17, 2008

A bit Random....

Well little Duffy is doing much better! He had another vet visit this morning, and the fever is gone now, so he just has a few more days on the antibiotic and then hopefully he'll be good to go. I'm just so thankful he's still here with me, and back to acting pretty much like his normal self. :) We've been staying pretty close...he couldn't even let me play Daniel's guitar by myself.... :P

And even Dad is glad he's you can see by them taking a Sunday afternoon nap together. :)

Saturday afternoon Dad and I made a batch of Goat's Milk Soap. I've got quite a few orders for Christmas, so I need to make sure I'm stocked up! :) We're planning on making some more tonight too, Dad mixes the Lye solution for me, and then I do the rest, as I don't like that part and he's glad to help me out. I'm planning on having it where you can order it directly off our farm website soon, hopefully that will make it more convenient for everybody.

I'm also really excited about reserving a Nubian doe kid from Lakeshore Farms in CA again! :) I'm just getting one this time but hopefully I'll be having some nice kids of my own too. :) Shardae is bred for April kids, I can't wait! :) She's the doe that I got from CA this past spring. I'm going to hold off on breeding the two I got from MN until next fall, as one is still young, and the other from slower maturing lines.

I SO can't wait for spring....LOL I know, we've not even got to winter yet.... :( :D Baby goats are just so much fun despite all the work that comes with them....and despite the fact that I got trampled by hungry Mama's the other day leaving a nice bruise and knot on my shin. :D



Eliya said...

I enjoyed your post Bethany. I love the pictures of you with Duffy and your dad with Duffy. I'm glad he's getting better quickly.
The soap looks great. I haven't had the guts to try making any here yet. :D
I'm with you on being anxious for spring - I can hardly wait for the babies!!! Winter has started here though - we have had snow several times the last few days and it looks like it's here to stay. I guess I have to get used to it, but I'll be glad when I have kids out there to liven things up a bit! Which animals are you getting your Lakeshore kid out of?

Anonymous said...

Glad that Duffy is doing better now and yeah on the soap!


Bethany said...

Love the photo of your Dad and Duffy. My Dad isn't fond of dogs so he'll pat them but nothing more.

Danielle said...

Besh, great post! :) Loved the pictures and I'm so glad that Duffy is about back to his normal self! Praise God! :) Oh my...Daniel's guitar looks really nice too! I'm sure it sounds great, can't wait to hear you guys play it! ;)

Love you lots!!!!

Hannah :) said...

Lovely soap, Bethany! That's exciting that you are getting another kid from CA!

Fun seeing you last Saturday. :)