Thursday, October 9, 2008

Duffy is Embarrassed

Well, Duffy and I both went to the groomer today...him to the doggy one and me to a "people" one. :D Poor Duffy though....I was like SO in shock when I saw him! I mean, he looks so embarrassing that Mom won't even let me post a picture of his whole body on the face one will have to do. :P To get an idea, he's got a fluffy head, a fluffy tail....and everywhere in between is practically skin. He had a lot of mats....and I guess the groomer couldn't get them he got a full body shave! I feel so sorry for him, poor guy...he's really embarrassed about how he looks and he just can't get used to his fluff on his tail tickling his skin. :) I'm sure he would appreciate a few encouraging comments to let him know that hopefully his hair WILL grow back soon. :D

As for me...mine turned out a bit better than Duffy I think. :P It was like MAJORLY "big" right after the lady was done styling it, (I don't think Elijah would have liked it) but by the time we took the picture it had tamed down a bit. :)

This evening we had a Spanish family come out to look at some of my Boer bucks I have for sale, I had met them at the OKC State Fair, and they finally made it out here to look at them. I think they are really interested, kind of neat actually, if they buy him he will be going to a ranch in Mexico! :) We'll see I guess.


Dara Steward said...

Wow, how many inches did you cut off? I think it looks really nice. :o) Probably won't have to use as much shampoo now! Can't tell about Duffy. I'm sure his hair will be back in time for the cooler weather! Good thing he's an inside dog. :o)

Danielle said...

Besh, you look SOOO pretty...I think I hear the horns, "Honk Honk" :D :D :D

Duffy..I'm so sorry that you look embarrassing! :( Guess that's what you get though for almost throwing up on Besh's bed a few nights ago!!!

You should have got a picture of that BIG hair! ;) Elijah would have LOVED it! :P

Hannah said...

Your hair looks great, Besh! You should try diffusing it again! :)

Poor Duffy...I wish I could see a whole picture of him! :)


Lockwoods said...

Maybe that goat will be our neighbor? :)

Anonymous said...

Your hair cut is really cute...I like it! :D

As for Duffy, I have a testimony that K9 hair will indeed grow back. My Mom once had our collie shaved and...that was a really bad idea as far as appearances go! :)